Saturday, September 6, 2008

Learn 2 RP: Playing as a Couple

Whether you are a real life couple (like a husband/wife team) or just role-playing a relationship with a friend, having a partner in game can be an enjoyable experience. There are a few things you should know to help you make your role-play romance really come to life and feel believable.

First off you will have to find the other half to your couple. This part is up to you, I cannot help you here. It can be anyone from your real girlfriend to someone who just shares a similar online schedule as you so you spend a lot of time together.

If you do find someone you do not know personally, make sure you speak to them first and discuss the possibility of role-playing a relationship. Make sure they agree that it would be fun! If they do not wish to role-play that way; you’re not a couple. You’re a crazed stalker insisting someone is your beloved. Don’t be a weirdo. Later on you can discuss if you want to do an in game marriage, kids, the works. But both parties have to be comfortable with the story otherwise it just isn't enjoyable.

Like all other forms of role-play, playing as a couple is open to many types of interpretation.

  • You can be under the spell of first love and act like giggly little teenagers.
  • You can be an old cantankerous couple who have been together for decades. The affection for each other is there, but you may have to look to see it.
  • You can be the definition of true love and still feel your heart leap each time you see one another.
  • You could be of an arranged marriage and be not quite comfortable with your partner yet.

However you choose to build your relationship, there are certain behaviors you will need to adapt. The giggly teenager couple does not act the same way an old couple does.

Keste and I definitely have the “old couple” bit down. We tease and jab each other often. He’ll claim to not have met the quota of dead Draenei during a raid and I’ll remark something about his huge furry posterior. At first glace you may think that they do not seem to really like each other much. But further on you’ll notice little things like Desdarii squeezing Keste’s hand in reassurance before a boss pull or Keste curling up next to Desdarii while resting that shows that the affection between these two is there. This was a natural choice for us as it is very much how our relationship behaves in real life. We had tried in the past to do the lovey-dovey stuff and it was difficult for us to do without sarcasm so we dropped the idea.

Showing your affection in public is your choice. There are the built in /hug, /love, /kiss emotes available. These tend to be generic though so if you are in the midst of role-play, you may opt for more descriptive gestures. Things like brushing hair from your partner’s eyes or your eyes twinkling when you glance at them.

I’m not going to lecture you about what you to do or don’t do in private chat. Just keep it private and so I don’t see it and I’ll be happy. Being “overtly sexual” is against Blizzard’s policies and can get you reported or banned. Keep /say under the general public’s acceptance of displays of affection and you should be fine.

My personal rule is: If I’m not comfortable doing or saying it in front of my grandparents, I should rethink before putting it in public chat channels.

Other ways to show you’re a couple without simply shouting your love from a mountain top:

  • Use role-play add-ons such as FlagRSP2 and MyRoleplay to give yourselves the same surname.
  • Announce it during introductions such as “This is my lady, Desdarii”
  • Use simple gestures like holding hands to show you are together.

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krizzlybear said...

My first RP experience actually was with a couple. Wimizig had viewed them from afar, almost as if here were actually studying them. The boyfriend had a rude temperment, but the girlfriend was the calming sensible side that was trying to tame the bad boy. They were pretty much doing all of the stuff you had said. They were so lovey dovey, that he actually turned a corner and attempted to be friendly with me. Ah, how relationships can be such a vehicle to character development.

Great post as always!