Monday, September 15, 2008

Stupid Applesoup!

Last Tuesday our Karazhan team did exceptionally well. We cleared from Attumen to Illhoof in one night. It was a first for us and we were really proud of ourselves. Of course that meant that Sunday night was to be starting with the Shade of Aran, which our team hates. We hate him a lot.

We've killed him twice before but that's it. Every other time we run into him we just die. As a result, Aran is sort of a moral killer for our team. We often try him a couple times and then give up and move on to the Chess Event. Last night we decided to just keep attacking until he died or raid time was up.

At first we were very disheartened. We kept losing healers and key fighters early leaving us unable to kill Aran. After wipe number three, we considered altering our plans and going to Chess anyway just so we would get something for the night. We voted on one more try.

We were all pretty frustrated at this point and proclaiming our hatred of this undead mage. Nyriell surprised us all when she said that Aran was "a really stupid applesoup". Now I don't know what that means but I thought it was hilarious.

This try we ran in screaming "STUPID APPLESOUP!" and everything just clicked. We were able to burn him down quickly, the elementals were controlled and killed, we lived through the pyroblast and we all stood around stunned that we not only killed him but no one had died!

We have found our missing link. A battle cry.

We were all so excited we didn't even care what treasures we found hidden in his robes. Firefizzle broke out the disco ball and we all started dancing in a circle around the corpse. A bit callous I suppose but you don't understand what this dead applesoup means to our team!

We later finished up Chess and were disappointed when we got Prince down to one percent before everyone fell. I'm hoping to get him tonight!

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