Sunday, November 30, 2008


I've been stuck at 49 noncombat pets since receiving Bananas and it was really bothering me. However, it was not bothering me enough to spend the ridiculous sum of 2,500 gold to purchase one of the whelplings I do not own from the auction house. My choices were limited. I still am unsuccessful in obtaining the rat from the Dalaran sewers. I resigned to the fact that I would have to wait until I could obtain pengu.

Keste once again jumped to my rescue and contacted our good friend Dumadin to use his engineering skills to build me a tranquil mechanical yeti. Keste helped gather all the materials and Dumie built it for me. Keste delivered the yeti to me this afternoon.

Immediately upon training the yeti I had a rather smelly package in the mailbox from none other than Breanni. I was also recognized for another achievement.

Breanni had sent me my very own pet skunk named "Stinker"! I had Keste pose in the picture with me since he was such an instrumental part of this victory of mine. Isn't stinker so cute? You get used to the smell after a while.

With so many pets now it's really difficult to choose which one I want to tag along behind me. I was joking how I wish I could have all 51 of my companions chase after me everywhere I went. Keste wasn't too keen on the idea.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgivingmas?

Keste and I are horrible at present giving. Honestly, it's mostly me. When I buy someone a present I want to give it to them right now so I can see their face light up when they open it. I believe this attitude of mine has infected Keste because he's now just as bad at me when it comes to present giving. We're lucky if we have any presents to actually open on Christmas Day. So far I've been strong and not allowing him to open his big Christmas present which I already have and wrapped so he can't peak.

As a Christmas present Keste had planned on getting me Bananas Charm from the card game. No sooner did he have the card and the code than did he tell me and email me the information so I could login immediately and obtain it.

So here it is. A full month before Christmas and I have one of my presents. And I don't care! I love little monkeys so much! I would have a monkey as a real life pet if Keste would let me.

Best part of this pet is clicking on him to hear his tiny little monkey noises. I've already been stopped and asked where you get that item. I proudly said that Bananas comes from having an awesome husband and trotted off happily with my little Bananas in scurrying along behind me. I then of course got a whisper and told them the complete answer to their question.

Thank you Keste for my little Bananas. No, you can't open your big present yet. Yes, I know you know what it is already.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun Times with Nyriell and Desdarii

If you ever need lessons on how to not level, Nyriell and I are your perfect teachers. To be fair we did first finish a dungeon run of Azjol-Nerub so we weren't complete slackers. I can't say I enjoyed that bug infested dungeon much.

Afterwards we decided we needed a little relaxation time. I had heard about Spicy Tuna and his taming of all the crazy cat ladies' pets so we thought that was perfect.

Nyriell already had several critter bites made and I used some of my cooking tokens to buy the recipe for myself. I didn't have enough to make 10 bites but Ny was nice enough to share with me. I portaled us out to Stormwind and we raced to the crazy cat lady's home.

Nyriell went first taming 7 cats, 2 cows and a deer. It was too funny I had to take a picture. They followed her around like her own little critter army. It was too much fun! Unfortunately when her timer was up the critters disappeared so we had to wait before I could take my turn.

To pass the time we ran out to the lumber mill and picked ourselves up a couple of pretty ponies. We decided we liked the slower kind better. The armor on the swifter pony's looked silly. So we ran through the forests of Elwynn having a good ol' time on our new ponies.

By the time we had returned to the crazy cat lady's home, all her cats had returned as well as the cows. I tossed out my critter bites and got 8 cats and 2 cows to follow me around earning the Critter Gitter achievement.

This is when Ny had her spark of genius and said I should take my critter army into Stormwind. Since you only have a few short minutes with your critters after using the snacks I raced towards the gates of Stormwind with my cat and cow army in tow. We were ready to make our demands for cat nip and hay and whatever else it is cow and cats want.

I did make it to the Trade District but not much farther. It was worth it though when Wilven mentioned in guild chat all the cows and cats he saw just charge into the city of Stormwind.


Matted Hair and Sharpened Claws

Say hello to Matted Hair and Sharpened Claws, a new World of Warcraft blog written by none other than my furry druidic husband, Keste! I was really wondering when he would decide to get in on the act. See he actually can write, not just blather on like I do. I knew it was just a matter of time.

He plays a druid and primarily tanks although can be found in panther form quite often. He has healed from time to time with success including Burning Crusade heroics. To my knowledge he has not played a boomkin himself so probably only minimal information about that play style. He is a big fan of the druid class and I think a nice addition to the blogging community.

Apart from his druid centered obsessions he is an add-on addict. He's really got it bad. He's got mods that tells him what his mods are doing. You should probably also expect add-on information and reviews from him.

I do recommend taking a look at his excellent post on Loot Rank. He sent the link to me and I blinked at it for about 3 minutes to make it look like I was figuring it out before admitting I didn't know how to use it. He made a wonderful post with instructions on how to use this tool.

Loving Frostfire

This weekend I completed a lot of questing and as a result reached level 75. It went so quickly I was shocked that I was already half way through the 10 level increase in a little over a week.

I believe I have mentioned before being unsatisfied with my mage since the 3.0 patch. I’ve done frost before and yes it’s good but I wasn’t a fan of the pet (if I wanted a pet I’d be a warlock). I attempted fire and while it was better damage I really wasn’t tearing things up quick enough. I believe monsters should be dead before they get to me. Without the slowing of the frostbolt, fire spec couldn’t do this. I was arcane until recently because I liked the speed of the spells and the fact that I could move and still be effective. This was faster but had the same problems as fire where I would get smacked around quite a bit even when using slow.

After reading the post on Critical QQ about leveling Frostfire, I decided to give it a try. I used the spec recommended by Euripedes and filled out the frost tree portion first as instructed.

I’m a very happy mage. Very, very happy. Thank you Euripedes! I am definitely staying with my mage as my main now that I’m truly having fun killing again. I recommend you read his post as it is most informative. Another good read would be Frostfire for Frost Mages post by Krizzlybear.

Why am I so ga-ga over this? Well it’s filling in the gaps I was missing when playing with the other specs.

Frostfire slows the monster as well as dots it. I can usually kill the creature quite easily before it has a chance to reach me. A defining trait of “glass cannons” I think. It doesn’t have the speed advantage of arcane but I’m seeing crits fairly regularly which certainly makes up in the casting time delay. I don’t have to remember to summon a pet (I’m a little too ditzy to be reliable with this). All things considered this seems to be the spec best suited for my playstyle.

Biggest bonus? That frostfire bolt is pretty as heck. All blue center with burny edge goodness. I’m all about killing in style.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wuzzy's Arrival

Today I had a surprise in my mailbox. A small crate that made adorable growling and then squeaking noises. Inside is the most adorable little polar bear cub you have ever seen.

I am not certain who sent it or where he comes from but I'm happy to keep him. There was a small note attached that was signed Devteam. He's so soft and cuddly! I've named him Wuzzy. If I ever find out who Devteam is I will certainly give them a huge bear hug!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fjord is Finished

I have made it to level 72 on Desdarii. Last night was one of those rare nights where I could just fart around all I like and do some stuff. I was able to completely explored Howling Fjord and I also finished 130 quests in the Fjord getting those two achievements. This morning I traveled to the Tundra and was able to complete the critter love achievement!

Desdarii has been lounging about a bit trying to fish up a rat in the sewers. Much like my luck on any quest that requires you to randomly fish up a pet, I’ve come up with bupkus. I bet stupid Keste could fish in there for 30 seconds and get his stupid rat like his dumb crocolisk and his ugly mr. pinchy. I’m not bitter though. Not a bit. I’m only 2 pets away from my skunk which I think adds to my irritation. I will not be beaten!

Desdarii was also able to get honored with the Kaluak. I received a jewelcrafting pattern for my efforts and I’m one step closer to that penguin pet. The fishing pole would also be very handy. Perhaps it’ll help me get my rat.

I’ve been keeping up much better with the jewelcrafting skill with much thanks to Geearthur. The miner/enchanter saw benefit in sending me his ore which has quickly elevated me from 380 to 400 jewelcrafting. Also Keste and Nyriell have been coming up with small bunches of ore from goodness knows where that they’ve sent me. It all has helped immensely. My cooking, mining, fishing and first aid are all 400 skill and above now as well. I’d say I’m doing fairly well.

Also this week Goldy got to come to the Nexus which was great fun. For a healer, she really enjoyed the capturing and torturing portion of that quest. She shocked him until he pleaded for death. It seems this little dwarf has an unexpected mean streak. She did well enough healing in the Nexus only really having problems on the “I’m going to shoot ice spikes out of the ground” dude. Luckily no one died but I don’t think it was through her efforts so much as a smart group.

Instead of moving on to the next zone, Desdarii is starting over in Borean Tundra to do those quests. I need to explore and get my quest achievements here as well!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Different Methods of Travel

Something I've found very interesting in my time spent in the Howling Fjord is the convenient methods of travel given. The little loaner vehicles help you get across the zone to where you need to be saving you travel time. I've found these to be most beneficial and am very happy with Blizzard's implementation of this feature.

Some of the free rides I've experienced:

Flying Machine

Iron Rune Construct

Bomber Plane

Flaming Spear Surfing

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yup, Still 71

In a new land where people are almost racing to level; I’m very content to take my time. We have some guildies that are 74+ now. I am running into people already level 80 and I honestly don’t care.

I wouldn’t categorize myself as a “slow leveler”, more of a controlled and organized one. I simply don’t want to skip a single quest. I don’t mind if it’s green or grey. I don’t care if I’ve got seventeen other quests waiting for me in some other area. I want to finish where I am first.

I’m also a bit of a wanderer. When I visit a new town I speak to every single NPC that has something to say. I browse every single vendor. I try the new foods and look at the clothes on my character just in case there’s some RP gem in there.

I am a quest reader. Gasp! Yes, much to my husband’s dismay I do enjoy reading new quests. This gets him a tad impatient with me as I stand at the NPC for an extra minute to read what it is he wants us to do. What he needs to admit is that it ends out working to his advantage when I know what we have to do when we get to the quest location.

I’m keeping up with daily quests like the cooking and the jewelcrafting quests. It’s nice they give experience as well just so they can’t be called total wastes of time. However, I will not start regular questing until I have them either completed or by lucky chance we will be killing where I can collect the items.

After I’ve finished the Fjord, I actually plan on going to the Tundra and doing those quests as well. I’m a completist. You will not rush me.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hooray for Firefizzle!

This post is a special thank you to my friend and magely mentor, Firefizzle. He was astute enough to notice my jealous gaze each time he pulled out his D.I.S.C.O. ball. When he came to visit this weekend he had a disco ball loot card for me. He also gave Keste a Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E. card. This was exceedingly kind of him and I couldn't be happier than I am right now with my own private party in a box. Thank you thank you thank you!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

RL Guild Meeting

This weekend Keste and I met up with our some of our guildies in real life and had a blast. Meeting everyone was great. There were 10 in all gathered to meet face to face. Our good friends Firefizzle and Nyriell handed out these achievement cookies for everyone. I thought they were hilarious and took a picture before I eat it.

We had fun going to a museum and out to eat. Saturday night we sat around and played Munchkin, which is a fabulous game. I completely recommend it. Keste and I will be purchasing a copy for ourselves.

Meeting everyone was fantastic and was a truly memorable event. Gwydion, Rina and Ethwn were very gracious opening up their home to everyone and allowing us to meet and hang out there with them. Restriel and Drestrien were a hoot. Jaci was a sweetie and Rina is of course my mana-totem-loving sister. I'm so happy to have met you all!

I have to say meeting Firefizzle and Nyriell in person was simply wunderbar! They are such lovely people and it was a treat for them to have come so far and simply shower us with gifts! They are too much and it was nothing short of pure pleasure to get to spend time with them. We were driving home and Keste asked if I missed my buddy (Nyriell) already. I pouted in response. I will munch my German chocolate and think of you two! Thank you so much for coming!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Greetings from Dalaran

So much to tell as I've seen so much in the last couple of days! Keste and I are working well together helping the good folks found in the Howling Fjord.

I think thus far my most memorable moment was receiving training to make it to Dalaran. This city just hums with the vibrations of magic. Add to that that the entire city is beautiful it hard to find reasons to leave. I must of spent hours running through the streets. I visited every shop and spent a lot of gold trying man little curiosities I found. The chocolate cake is delicious!

I also visited the sewers and found myself a new ghostly skull companion. Pretty spooky. I also found this odd assortment of animals in the sewer. They seem strangely familiar and made me think of my little brother. I took this picture for him.

I completed a cooking task and was given a cooking award! It was very exciting. I can turn in the awards for more recipes which is going to be most useful.

Other than all the running around I've worked hard on keeping up my fishing and cooking skills. I have spent quite a bit of time fishing and then cooking up my catches. It's working well. Jewelcrafting is not going as well. The Fjord seems a bit populated at this time so finding unused mining locations is difficult. I'll most likely will have to return to work on this skill at a later date. I was able to finish one task and received a token for jewelcrafting.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Behind The Curve

I do not currently have my new copy of Wrath and won't until probably 5:30pm EST tonight. Keste and I are old. We can't stay up until midnight on a Wednesday. We have jobs that make us get up at o'dark thirty and Keste gets up even earlier than I poor fella.

Keste contemplated staying up and picking up the copy and then coming home for a couple hours of sleep. Our local gamestop was open at 10pm for nerd fest and I think he was slightly interested in going. It wasn't even a thought for me. My pregger butt sees sleep greater than everything else. I think in the end Keste realized how tired he would be and that it just wasn't worth it.

So while folks took today off to enjoy the new wonders of Northrend, I'll be spending my night installing the game. I'm hoping Keste will start my install when he gets home! I'm sure he will. Maybe I'd better call him to make certain...

We're excited to head off to the new lands with our friends. We just hope they're able to wait for us!

Oh and in completely unrelated but irritating news. I brought Goldy to Karazhan for the last time last night and the silly dwarf got the T4 gloves. Do you have any idea how many times Desdarii has rolled for and lost her T4 gloves? It's just sad. That dwarf has always been my lucky character.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not Digging 25-Man Raids

Since the 3.0.x patches our guild has accomplished some 25-man feats that were previously unavailable to us. We've killed Gruul and Magtheradon and went into Tempest Keep to kill the Void Reaver. They went and killed some things in Black Temple one night after I went to bed as well. This is great! I don't want to take away the thunder of the guild and it's ability to see content that was previously closed off to us. I really am happy to be able to be apart of such tasks and happy to see the guild reaching these goals.

That being said, I have to admit that I'm not digging the 25-man raids. By the end of the night I'm ready to throw my headset through my monitor. I think the raids are causing some sort of Vanilla WoW flashbacks to the days of 40-man raiding that make me cringe.

I stopped the 40-man raiding for a reason. I couldn't handle hanging out for hours with a group where I didn't really like most of the people. I can't stand the constant ventrillo chat of "why my character is the uberest". I die a little inside when people clutter up voice chat to tell a story about how their cat just ate a fly or how they have a booger stuck up their nose. There's the people who /afk at the most inconvenient times and have no issue with making 39 others wait on them. All the whispers of "so and so won't give me such and such buff" or "do you have any extra health potions"? Lets not the forget those who throw a hissy fit if they don't get any loot!

40-man raiding to me was a nightmare to the point that I actually broke down and cried one night when I remembered I had to raid. That's when I realized that it wasn't for me and I quit. It's not a decision I regret in the least.

While 25-man raids are not NEARLY as horrible as my 40-man experiences, I certainly had some flashbacks of some of these irritations. These instances significantly decreased the enjoyment of the event for me. I'd like to point out that this decrease in enjoyment was through no fault of the raid leaders who were repeatedly saying "Only raid leaders talk during boss fights".

I'd also like to point out that not everyone in the 25-man raid irritated me. I do like my guildmates quite a bit. We do seem to have a few folks that seem to rub me the wrong way and that was enough to ruffle my feathers a bit.

In the end, I have to say how pleased I am with the 10-man raiding option. I don't know how I got so lucky to group with so many mature, like-minded people that meld so well together. I truly am blessed and hope all of them play through Wrath so when we're 80 we can get back together and continue our good thing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What To Do With Access Badges?

My guild has been very active since the nerf to raid bosses and actively getting people through content and as a result I've stocked up another 100+ of Badges of Justice in a rather short time.

I've already purchased myself a new robe and new leggings. I'm sure there are better weapons but I'm not dissatisfied with my Blade of Twisted Visions. Besides I doubt I'll have 150 badges by Thursday. I believe I have something around 110 right now.

Only thought I had would be to purchase some gems and share my gem cutting skills with others. Will this be worth it with folks replacing gear quickly in Wrath? I'm uncertain.

So what do I do with all these badges? Any ideas?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Secret Druid Level 69

My secret druid project is going very well. She now has her flight form and yesterday reached level 69. She now only has approximately half a level before she joins the ranks of my level 70s.

It looks like I'm going to reach my goal of having her ready for Wrath. I don't know if I'm going to play her but it's nice to have her ready to give me a choice.

Desdarii Meets Illidan

I have finished spying upon the Netherwing and my disguise was so convincing I was introduced to Illidan himself! It was pretty frightening even if it was just a shade of the great lord.

My disguise was not good enough to fool Illidan though who struck me down and showed my true form. The orcs were ordered to murder me but I was able to fly away to safety before they had the chance.

As a reward, I've been given the reins of a netherdrake for my personal use. It's a rather large mount but it is a very pretty purple color!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Stand By Your Man

Since I really lack anything interesting to say today and I was reminded of this historical moment in my gaming life, I thought I would take some time out to share.

This little video was made back in 2002 when Keste and I were still just dating. We were both playing Dark Age of Camelot and the expansion Shrouded Isles had just launched. We took the day to just run around like ninnies and explore the new areas.

Keste was a multi-boxer back in the day so you'll see 4 characters in the video but it's only just us two. I'm the little human looking one. Keste's character was a "Hero" (think WoW warrior) and his little followers were both healers. I was a bard and could also heal.

Keste saw these purple conned trees (think WoW elites) and wanted to attack them for fun. I really preferred to keep running around but he pulled them anyway. Now what the video does not show is me in the back healing like a mad woman trying to keep him alive. The camera spins around just in time to see me call the encounter a wash and run away so I could come back and rez his stupid butt. He of coursed added the music for comedic effect which if you ask me is timed perfectly.

It was a long time ago but it's a fun old memory. The jokes of my "running away" skills still comes up every so often when we hang out with our old DAoC friends.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

WoW Player Calendar

Our guild used to use Group Calendar like I think many guilds did. I was really excited for the new calendar. I realize that some people are still hooked on Group Calendar and while I liked some of the features I'm more excited about having a built in system to control it.

WoW Calendar Pros:
  • Everyone has it by default. We had some people who just refused to use add ons and made organizing raids, dungeons or anything scheduled a pain in the tookas. The main excuse being they didn't know when a raid was or when it started. Now there's no excuses.
  • They added it to the armory! I can view our schedule and accept events while not in game!
  • It isn't limited to the guild. We can invite our friends guilded or not to join in our events. We tried using a shared channel in the past on Group Calendar and our calendar just got flooded with stupidness by RP haters. We were forced to keep it to ourselves.

WoW Calendar Cons:

  • You can only invite 100 people. What the heck! If I'm doing some roleplay event I am not going to say "sorry we have 100 people here, please leave". Or what about guild meetings where we want everyone to attend? This limit needs to be adjusted. We're not even a large guild and I can see this being an issue.
  • Setting the event owner able to confirm or decline an accepted invitee would be nice. If we're doing a dungeon and 9 mages show up, someone is going to get the axe. Right now it just accepts anyone who clicks yes.
  • Standby option would be nice. If I notice they have enough mages I'd like the chance to put myself on standby in case one of them doesn't show.

I've only made a few events since this new feature was added so I'm sure I could be missing pros and cons but this is my personal experience. It's had a few glitches especially since the last patch but overall I'm happy to have this in game.

Group Calendar was good but it took long to update sometimes and other times it wouldn't display events on everyone's calendar. It was sort of hit and miss sometimes but it was all we had so we were happy to have it! I think for the most part a lot of the issues were user problems and not the mod's fault. Thank you developers of Group Calendar! Your great idea is now being distributed to everyone!

The calendar has been the voice of some confusion of late and I am putting here a call for help. If anyone has a post or a link to a description of how to use the calendar properly that I can share with the guild I would appreciate it immensely! Anyway to get people better accustomed to using this feature would be helpful.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Hallowed

All my persistence at doing the Hallow's End achievements have paid off. With the new patch yesterday I was able to receive my new title: "Desdarii the Hallowed". I'm glad they removed the mask achievement. I was trying like heck and I did get 10 of the 20 required masks but there was no way I was going to be able to complete that.

The hardest part was probably my squashling. I was getting quite worried I wasn't going to get that and only did acquire it a day or two before the event ended. What was irritating was right after getting my squashling from the horseman an innkeeper gave me one for trick or treat.

Second hardest was the Rotten Hollow achievement since it depended on Horde coming to Southshore so I could complete the task. I spent quite a bit of time hanging around Southshore before I was lucky enough to clean up a stink bomb. I never even saw the Hordie who threw it but I love you little Hordie!

The thing that stinks about it was the inability to share items. Keste didn't get any toothpicks the entire time. I got stacks of the darn things but they were soulbound and I couldn't share them so he missed out on that piece.

From what I heard what most people missed out on was the G.N.E.R.D. Rage achievement. A lot of my friends don't spend any time with PvP. I know I had to force myself into battlegrounds to finish it. Funny enough I found it easier to get a bunch of G.N.E.R.D. kills in Warsong Gulch than any other BG. Luckily I enjoy WSG! I know. I'm weird.

Setting Aside Desdarii?

It is tempting with the expansion to switch mains and move forward with a different character. I have to say it's an idea I've tossed around more and more since the 3.0.x patches came out. I have re-specced several times and I'm doing ok damage but I'm just not really having a whole lot of fun lately.

I've considered the reasons this may be:

1. The dungeons are quite a bit easier.

Our raid has moved on to ZA but we still do Karazhan and we can get the dungeons completed in one night a piece. We used to spend at least 2 days to knock out everything in Karazhan alone and were still kind of scared of ZA. We blast through Karazhan just AoE tanking everything.

I will admit this was SUPER fun at first. Getting through a raid dungeon in one night was very satisfying. But just flying through without much of a worry has gotten a bit old. We were able to finish a Heroic yesterday with 4 people when someone crashed last night.

I think a challenge is needed to keep things fun.

2. I really can't find a spec I enjoy.

I've re-specced several times now and like I already mentioned I'm doing fine, just not what I feel a pure DPS class should do. This could all completely be user error and I could be doing it all wrong. I don't claim to be any mage expert. I mostly like to dress up and dance around. When called upon I can smash buttons to make pretty effects that hurt monsters.

I'm currently trying a fire spec with a splash of arcane in for support. It was sort of hard to gauge how well it performed in Karazhan since all we did was AoE our way through it and I had some sort of issue with living during boss fights. I only died during two, but it was irritating.

I have some pretty darn good gear for my play style and still I'm just feel like I'm lacking in performance. When I died early on in a fight yesterday the boss still died very quickly. My contribution wasn't missed at all. This could all because of #1 and the dungeons being too easy but it's not really a good feeling to not be needed.

3. I'm just bleh and tired in RL

Seriously all I want to do all day is sleep. Keste's little bear cub is sucking all my energy and making me want to hibernate. I'm grumpy and whiny when tired and it could be contributing to my being so bored and annoyed with my mage. I think, "Sheesh I'm barely helping kill these things. Maybe my time would of been better spent sleeping since they wouldn't miss me."

I continue to show up because I like my team quite a bit and don't want them scrounging around for a replacement at the last minute. They are a fun team and worth the company.

So what would I play if I did shelf Desdarii?

I haven't decided really. I may fall in love with Desdarii all over again when Wrath does get here. I do have other possibilities I am kicking around though.

I have Goldy, my priestess, and I had planned to respec her to shadow for leveling in Wrath. I do love to melt faces with shadow priests. It could be good fun to be DPS but able to switch to a healing spec when required. Makes me feel a little more versatile than "Shall I hit the monster with a blue bolt or a red bolt?"

I also have my secret druid that is only a few levels shy of 70 at this point that I could move forward with. I was thinking a Balance/Resto hybrid so I could possibly take on a healing roll in the new dungeons if required. And talk about versatile! Druids can do everything! I have always been really horrible at melee range fighting though. /blush

I know I'm not the only one kicking around this idea either. The new expansion is the perfect opportunity to swap characters and play one you really enjoy. Everyone will be on similar leveling playing field and you won't feel like you have all this catching up to do. Keste has considered switching to his little warrior though I don't think it is likely. He loves his druid. He may be just experiencing the same "waiting for expansion" lulls I am.

It's not a done deal. Just something I'm kicking around in the back of my mind. Only things that would be a big snag for me is 1) I love teleporting all over the world in seconds and 2) Dang it I've done a lot of achievements on Desdarii already!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Secret Druid Project

Alright it's not soooo top secret. My husband knows about it and I've sent trade goods to guildees I know could use it from the druid. Oh, and I've done a little roleplaying with guildees with her although I don't always announce it's me.

Apart from those little discrepancies, my druid is a secret character I've kept unguilded for me time play. She doesn't group with anyone. Mostly just leveling herself through the world isolated from others. This leveling has gotten much easier with the 3.0.2 patch. I don't have to spend a lot of time playing her and can feel like I'm getting somewhere. It's very satisfying.

This is an old character. The first character I created, actually. This character was an old world champion battling in Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. Destroying Onyxia in her lair and defeating world dragons in her spare time. She was nicely decked out in mostly Tier 1 gear when I logged her in which was amusing to browse through.

I transferred her from my old PvP server as I do not foresee me ever wanting to return to PvP server play. I had to rename her and picked a nice elfy name for her. No, I'm not going to tell you what it is. I will give you a hint. Its translation means "Golden Dancer". See if you can figure it out.

What I had forgotten is how much fun this character was. I used to be down right obsessed with my druid and how awesome she was. I'm totally in love with her again. She's only 65 right now but the levels are coming quick. I've found playing her to be an excellent diversion while waiting for Wrath.