Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy halloween. May you have fun no matter what you are up to tonight!

I also wanted to share this photo of my good friend Nyriell dressed as a Mama Bat with her baby. Awwww.

It's Funny What Mages Don't Know

Keste was attempting to finish the trick or treating across Azeroth last night when he asked me something.

"How do you get to the Exodar?"

I stared blankly. I should know this right? It's where I call home. It's where I'm from. It's been a long while since I've had to travel there by any fashion other than teleport. All I had was a less than helpful, "I think there's a boat somewhere."

I guess I should of offered to teleport him but I was busy farming primals for an enchant I needed. He got there anyway so no harm done.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Squashling!

Some happy news to report! Tonight I finally got my squashling! He's a little larger than usual thanks to Nyriell feeding him a pet biscuit. I'm so very happy I didn't miss out on this pet!

We almost didn't go out to face the Headless Horseman but I'm certainly glad we did. Keste and Geearthur got the Hallowed Helm and we got four squashlings! I was very happy when Nyriell got her squashling since she was nice enough to pass when the first one dropped so I may have it. Everyone walked away happy. It was a good evening.

Not Gone. Just Nothing Happening.

I haven't posted in about a week but honestly I haven't done much. My raiding team cleared ZA and Kara and we did the Scourge event Karazhan boss. I haven't done any of the scourge clearings. I've done one night of headless horseman and still have no squashling. I pretty much give up. The inn keepers give me candy corn and the headless horseman gives me nothing.

Other than that I'm kind of bored with WoW. I just have to many other exciting things happening in real life to make WoW very interesting. Like we got to see our first ultrasounds of the baby! Totally more exciting than a squashling in my opinion. Keste and I have had halloween parties to attend and tomorrow I hand out candy to the neighborhood goblins. I'm sure I'll get back into WoW when real life normalizes again.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Anna's Friday Five - Zombies

This week's Friday Five from Anna is concerning recent events in Azeroth with the festivities and scourge invasion. Here are my answers from Desdarii.

  1. What is your character’s favorite holiday?
    Far and away Desdarii adores Hallow's End more than any other festival. Dressing up, getting candy, and fun little gifts are just some of her very favorite things making the current holiday her favorite.

  2. Is your character playing along with Hallow’s End festivities? If so, which ones?
    Any and all of them. Desdarii is having some difficulty cleaning stink bombs in Southshore though. Just doesn't seem to get attacked when she's visiting. She will kill the headless horseman however many times it takes to get a squashling though.

  3. How is your character reacting to the recent manifestations of the Plague?
    Not well. She's already terrified of undead but having friends and family members zombified before her eyes is like a living nightmare.

  4. Is your character planning to go to Northrend? Why or why not?
    Yes but begrudgingly. Desdarii follows where her husband leads. The idea of a frozen wilderness doesn't appeal to her much but at least she'll have her big fuzzy bear to keep her warm.

  5. If your character were a zombie… what kind of zombie would they be?
    A vengeful zombie. Desdarii would find all those people that forced her to "Hey go step 5 feet and tell this guy this" and bite them. Lazy people like that deserve to be infected.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scourge Invasion < Fun

A whole host of my guildmates and friends gathered to take place in what was to be the scourge invasion. We planned to roleplay the event and have a good time as a big guild event. Instead we were smacked in the face with a whole lot of stupid. People being just plain rude to one another. Screaming obscenities. Name calling. The whole she-bang. I left general chat just to clear up some of the stupid but it didn't stop all the yelling that was happening.

I'm just a mage but the priests and paladins were getting a lot of hostility for attempting to heal the infected. We were trying to roleplay the entire event and it just wasn't possible. People's behavior was just obnoxious. I realize that not everyone comes to Blackwater Raiders to roleplay but I don't think this behavior is appropriate for any type of play and being openly hostile to those attempting to roleplay the experience is also not acceptable. No one is telling you how to play and you are on a server designated for roleplay. Is it really so hard to let us have our fun?

I understand some folks wanted to be infected. That's fine. If they wanted to play a zombie then go right ahead but there's no call for being rude to someone for curing you when you stupidly ran into the group of 300 people. Did you really expect everyone to just ignore your green glow?

I really didn't enjoy the atmosphere and after standing around for about an hour I wandered off to do something that didn't include the masses. Before going to bed I was trying to hand in some marks for aldor reputation and my quest guy randomly turned into a zombie and infected me. I didn't even get to finish the turn in. That was sort of the last straw of annoying for the night. I found someone to cure me and went to bed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Griefers on PvE Realms?

This is something I’ve never really understood fully but I hear it semi-regularly in guild chat about so-and-so horde person being a "real griefer". I don’t believe they mean in the sense that this person is killing your quest npcs or destroying all the boars in the area so you can’t complete a quest. They really mean griefer in that the person repeatedly will kill you even if you are 40 levels lower than them.

This is what I don’t understand. We play on a RP realm not a PvP realm. If you opted to be attacked by the opposing faction, they will attack you. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you.

I’m a little more understanding of the frustration of killing npcs or mobs but really is it griefing? There are 70 billion quests to do. If I can’t turn one in here, I’ll just skip away and come back when I’ve completed something else. Yes, it is annoying but most the time they’re not doing it to hassle you. It’s to force other 70s out to play and the only way to alert the enemy to your presence is to attack town guards. If your quest guy jumps into the fray they’re not going to let him kill them just so you can do your quest. It’s an annoyance but a temporary one. You can always count on these world PvPers on getting bored and moving on in short order.

Don’t misunderstand me. I do not condone the practice of hassling lower players. I just feel that many players take these events as a personal attack. Like the enemy decided, “Joe the Dwarf is having too easy a time, lets go mess it up”. There are evil people like that in the world but I’m willing to guess that chances are that most of the time they just were looking to start a ruckus with the opposing faction. You just happened to be there.

I may sound a little callus but I started my WoW life on a PvP server before there were battlegrounds. On that server the motto was: “You’re red, you’re dead”. You couldn’t opt out of PvP. It didn’t matter if you were level 20 or level 60. You had to quest in the buddy system and keep more aware of your surroundings at all times. More than once you died because the guy two levels higher than you decided to wait to attack you while you were in combat with a mob. Resurrecting was a waiting game to see if the person waiting to ambush you would get bored and move on or if your cavalry would show up first to help you.

That was the place griefing happened. Where a person would select you out and do what they could to ensure you couldn’t complete what you were there for. Where your corpse was camped and there was nothing you do could about it. Your game play wasn’t temporarily paused, it could completely grind to a halt while you battled against the opposing team for the right to quest there or attempted to try to get away to find new hunting grounds.

It’s due to my background of leveling two characters to 60 on this PvP server that I do not get the “He’s a griefer” talk on my current RP server. If you flagged PvP, you opted to be attacked. If you rezzed while still flagged, you’re still open to be attacked. Sure that hordie could be a nice guy and let you go your merry way but what makes you think he should? Is it really so hard to wait five minutes for your flag to fall off before you resurrect?

The point I’m trying to make is world PvP attacks are rarely personal. Don’t blame the other side if you opted to in to a system that allows them to kill you. Likewise don’t blame them if you continue to come back while flagged and die. YOU are making the decision to be attacked! If there are some pesky enemies fouling up your questing area, find some other place to play. Chances are they will be bored quickly and you can come back and finish what you were working on.

Missing a Raid

Yesterday I was really worn out and feeling weepy for no reason (yay hormones?). When I got home from work I asked Keste what he thought our team would say if I took a night off to get some much needed rest. He assured me it would be fine just our raid leader know and go get some sleep.

I had wanted to log in anyway to see if the innkeeper would give me any more masks or just a handful of more toothpicks I don’t need. I got lollipops. I sent a whisper to our raid leader and he of course was very cool with it. He told the others who started whispering me to feel better and don’t worry about it.

That’s when the guilt set in.

I believe I was starting to annoy Keste with questions like, “Are you sure you guys will find a replacement? I could try to stay up.” To which he repeatedly and more instantly each time told me to go to bed.

I don’t know why I felt so guilty. I think it was because there was nothing really wrong with me. I wasn’t sick. I wasn’t having technical problems or away from my PC. I was tired which sounded like such a lame excuse. Then all the well wishes of my good friends just compounded me into thinking I was letting them down. I've never claimed my brain makes sense.

I did get over it though. I wasn’t just tired. I was exhausted. I figured that I probably wouldn’t have been of any real use to them anyway.

I shuffled to bed and read for a short while before I conked out. Today I can tell you it was a good choice on my part. I slept almost 11 hours last night and I woke up feeling much more energetic. It was something my body needed and I’m glad I have such good friends to make sure I get what I need.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DPS Woes

I've been a bit down of late on my performance in dungeons. My team is doing splendidly and the 3.0.2 patch really helped us perform better and see things we couldn't before. As a whole I would say I'm pro-patch because of the boost it gave us as a team.

My problem is more focused on my personal performance. When I picked my spec, I tried it out on a couple heroics and saw I could still kill things quickly and contributed well to the success of the 5-man and thought I'd done well. I do not get this same feeling with the 10-man.

Part of this could be ego and I'm not denying it. I worked hard to earn the items I have and to go from being first or second on DPS lists to 5th is depressing. Last night I barely beat out our Paladin tank for damage and that's just wrong. At least he's not just hitting hard, he's keeping attention of the monster. My only job is to damage things and I'm only doing a marginally better. I think I'm doing something wrong.

I am currently full Arcane, see my armory listing for reference. I'm rotating spells in a Arcane Blast > Arcane Missile > Arcane Barrage type fashion. I'm making use of Missile Barrage whenever I see it proc. I thought I had a rotation that was working well for me but I'm just not pumping out the numbers like I used to. I know everything is changed but with the patch that made everyone "over-powered" I feel a little nerfed and realize I must of made a wrong turn somewhere.

I've tried deep frost before and I'm just too much of a ditz to use that with any success. I constantly forget to use my pet. Stupid I know but I do. To keep it simple I just opted to not give myself that frustration. I'm willing to put a sticky note in the middle of my screen to remind me if this spec is any better.

I've never specced for fire and am really sort of clueless of how to use it. I guess out of laziness I decided to skip this line. I'm willing to learn.

Now I'm just staring at my DPS and bemoaning the days when I could do so much more. I need to make a change. I'm not a theorycrafter. All these sites that go over every decimal point of damage just confuses me. I just want to be able to feel like I do damage again. I don't need to be #1 on any dps chart. I just need to be able to look at it and say "Hey that's not bad!" Being better than the tank would be a plus.

So if any of you mage smarties out there has some advice for me, I'm all ears. Leave me a comment. Shoot me an email. Link me your post that shows me the light! I want it all!


I'm proud to report that we entered Zul'Aman last night and cleaned it out on our first night. We did not make the timed event due to us having no clue where we were going but we did get two extra pieces of loot from the prisoners before the timer ran out. Now that we know where all the bosses are we will try again next week and see how we do.

Our next visit will also be quicker because a lot of time was spent in getting everyone's quests completed. I sure am happy to have that 20-slot bag! The stamina gem impresses me less though. Keste was happy to get it.

I also won me some new boots. If I could remember the name of them I'd say so but I honestly don't. Draenei don't tend to worry about their feet a whole lot as a general rule anyway. Even when I do get shoes I have to cut the soles out and they end up looking like leg warmers.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Achievment Weekend

This weekend was one full of achievements for Desdarii. I already mentioned obtaining the Onyxia achievement but I also did plenty of other things. I don't know why I find this so fun but something about this new system brings out the collector in me.

Achievements I'm Preparing For:

To all the Squirrels I Loved Before
I actually turned this one into a guild event inviting anyone interested in following me around the world /love-ing animals. I figured I was going to do this anyway and people might appreciate my ability to portal them across the globe. It turned out a huge success. Out of the 21 animals to love, two of them are in Northrend so they will have to be loved later. From the 19 remaining I was able to /love 14 of them. The trip was called short due to the Onyxia raid but it's an excellent head start on getting this completed next month.

World Explorer
This one was actually Keste's idea not mine. I was traversing the globe looking for all the candy buckets and he suggested that I fully explore all the zones while I'm there anyway. As a result I have all of the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor fully explored and have those two mini achievements. I have a couple missing corners in Outland to fill and then I'll just have to wait for Northrend to get my World Explorer title!

Achievements I Completed:

Bring Me The Head Of... Oh Wait
Yes I've killed the Headless Horseman. I've killed him a lot. I'm still waiting for my darn squashling.

Check Your Head
I had the darnest time finding a troll! Most of them I was able to get while standing in the Scarlett Monastary courtyard. The troll I actually got while exploring the Barrens.

Out With It
Puking is no fun but eating candy is!

Sparkling Smile
I've gotten about 30 stupid toothpicks in goodie bags. It's unfortunate they are soulbound since I know so many still waiting for them.

The Mask Task
I've gotten 4 masks so far. I don't think I'm going to get all 20 for the A Mask for All Occasions though.

The Savior of Hallow's End
What I thought was funny was all the little folks screaming "Don't Kill Him" because they thought this level 11 shade dropped epic loots.

Tricks and Treats of Azeroth
Yup I got all the continents and outland. It took a while.

Make Love Not Warcraft
While trying to explore Ogrimmar my good friend Nyriell was repeatedly attacked by a warlock and his level 30 buddy. The very annoying level 30 kept /fart and /spit and all sorts of rudeness to try to get me to flag too but we were just trying to move our merry way. On the second kill the warlock buggered off and his level 30 buddy stayed to /fart and /spit some more. So I flagged, one shot him and /hug-ged him. Thank you annoying level 30!

Know Thy Enemy
Got this one done in Alterac Valley. Didn't take long and I was surprised I got the killing blow on so many.

Got My Money On My Mind
I didn't realize how close I was to this one. This one surprised me last night during the Karazhan run.

Karazhan Speed Edition

Last night my raiding team planned on going to Zul'Aman. However, it wasn't meant to be when we could only get a team of 9 together. Instead we decided to see how the new patch effected us by going back into Karazhan with our 9 folks.

First we experienced some issues. There were problems with the instance server and when we tried to enter Karazhan we were booted out saying the instance couldn't be found. We are a bunch of stubborn S.O.B's though and just kept slamming ourselves into the portal until one of us got in. That was the key. If one person could get in, the rest of the team could. We took great pains to make sure we didn't leave again. Even when we had a strange glitch that caused Midnight and all the monsters surrounding him to charge us when we were still near the entrance, we just left one person dead just as our safety net.

I have to say though, apart from that odd Midnight snafu, the night went surprisingly well for our little team. Instead of taking 2 (sometimes 3) nights to clear Karazhan, we emptied the place in one night and with nine people! Everything is dead even Prince, Netherspite and Nightbane. We were pretty darn proud of ourselves and it was great getting all those badges in one shot!

We're hoping that maybe we can try ZA tonight if we can fill that mysterious 10th slot!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Desdarii's Witch Costume

Just wanted to show off Desdarii in her witch costume. I got a broom, pulled out my old wicked witches cap and got me a black kitten.



Today I tried my hand at leading my guild through some of the older world content that I am familiar with. Onyxia was a dragon my druid and her guild was dispatching weekly. Even though it's been several years since I stepped inside I felt qualified to help everyone experience this old world raid.

It went really well. We had about eighteen folks show up so I was sure we would survive despite being used to having forty to fight her. I think it took me longer to try to explain the fight than it took us to kill her.

We then met in Stormwind to witness the hanging of her head. A proud display of our bravery and power. Plus eighteen people now have the achievement. This is something my guild has been speaking about for months. I was happy I was able to help them complete this goal.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Arcane Magey Impressions

With the new expansion I had to really sit and think about what talents I should get. Thanks to the excellent work of folks like SpicyTuna and Euripedies this task was made simpler. Just something stubborn in me though refuses to just take other’s spec trees and just apply it with out at least evaluating it for how I usually play.

What I was before was an Arcane / Frost mash up using all the arcane goodness to make my frost spells powerful while still being mana efficient. I almost never used mana pots or my emeralds and hit comparably well against other mages in my raid group who would quickly go out of mana.

Well looking through Arcane now, there’s just too much good stuff. I went whole hog into the arcane tree. I think I had a single point to put into improved frostbolt (you know for that annoying monster that is immune to arcane).

First night trying it out it was like learning my class again. I had to play with spell rotations to make sure I could pump out continuous damage while avoiding mana drain and that dreaded arcane debuff. I came up with a Arcane Blast > Arcane Missles > Arcane Barrage rotation that seemed to be working well. I also had some troubles because I moved some buttons around while playing with the spell rotation and so I would randomly look like an idiot frost nova-ing nothing.

As a trial we went to Heroic Shadow Labs. Five people freshly specced going to take on a heroic dungeon I don’t think a single one of us had completed. It was interesting. The good news was it wasn’t a pug. These were members of my regular raiding team so I do know them well and so that made it a bit easier to adjust to playstyles.

I have to say it went really well. Geearthur our paladin was just giddy with his new tankadin status. Seiai our tree was super happy trying out root indoors and getting to rez someone when they died. Our shaman had all kinds of neat things that she’s still talking about each time I log in. On the whole everyone seems really happy and we were able to finish the dungeon and get the achievement.

I do have to admit a little bit of jealousy. It seems all these other classes got such neat new spells and talents that do stuff. The majority of my talents just sort of passively work and I didn’t get any new neat tricks. They were all impressed with my pretty Arcane Barrage spell though. It is really pretty and sparkly.

I would say that I am happy with my spec choice until someone looks at it and tells me what could be improved upon I’m going to stick with what I have for a bit and try it out. I get to hit more than one button when fighting (I guess that’s fun) and I still kill things quickly which is what makes me a happy mage.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My New Friend!

One of my dear guildies was enterprising enough to plan ahead and make a mass of glyphs for us on patch day. One of those very special glyphs is the new polymorph spell that turns things into penguins! WOOOOOOO!

I'm so easy to please it's just plain silly. Sure there are other glyphs too but I honestly just grabbed this out of the vault and ran outside to test it on the first thing I found. It was a deer. I should of been more creative and found a sheep to turn into a penguin but I was too excited!

He's so flipping cute!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Karazhan Adventures

Tonight I want to share with you something probably many folks have never seen before. Medivh's Chambers inside of Karazhan. It's really quite an amazing sight!

Here's how this adventure came about. I tend to be a bit of a curious little Draenei. One of my failings to be sure. After killing Prince we were supposed to be walking back down to take on Nightbane. I saw a hallway we always neglected before and decided to wander up that way. Luckily I'm not the only Draenei struck with wanderlust as our Paladin tank, Geearthur, decided to follow me. Maybe he just knew I was up to no good.

At the top of this hallway was a door marked "Medivh's Chambers" and naturally I opened it to peek inside. Which unleashed two flesh beasts that tore me apart in seconds and then set their chompers on Gee. We were both too curious to let that go and brought it to a vote in the raid if we should explore Medivh's Chambers. It was decided we do.

There were a couple of rooms housing more beasties but then we came upon his main chamber and MAN does he have a big bed. I mean it's just huge! The entire raid could sleep comfortably on it. After playing monkeys on the bed and a few pillow fights we put our game faces back on and dutifully headed down to dispatch Nightbane.

We were once again successful in taking care of the great flaming skeletal dragon and thought it would be a neat idea to make a smilie face with Nightbane's corpse as our hair so we fumbled around like ninnys trying to make a smilie face but we were too slow and Nightbane faded away before we were situated. So instead we just took a picture of us in our smilie formation.

All said and done this was one of the most fun raiding nights I've had in quite some time. Just being goofy and enjoying each other's company. We'll see how everything shakes out after the changes tomorrow.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dazzlez's New Pony

I had to stay up waaaaay past my bedtime but some friends were kind enough to take me to Diremaul to help me get my new pony!

Isn't he so cute? I think I'm going to name him Mr. Chuckles. I haven't decided on it but I think the name suits him.

Whatever I call him I am just happy to have him. Now I can keep up with Razzlez as we trek across the outlands. That goofy gnome has himself one of those Stormpike rams.

That's all for now!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Cipher of Damnation

I can't tell you for how long I have been walking around with a Cipher of Damnation in my bags. Keste and I had the worst time trying to complete the final part of the trials of Oronok and his sons.

We tried it just the two of us at 70 with no results. We came back months later when we were much better geared and still couldn't finish him off although we were much closer. We tried inviting strangers in the area to assist us all with no luck.

Last night that luck has changed. We were able to find a few free guild-mates who were willing to help us finish this quest. It feels good. I don't know if we'll get through the trials but just having the darn cipher out of my bag space after months and months is pretty darn satisfying.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Anna's Friday Five - Living Arrangements

This week's Friday Five from Anna is about your characters living arrangements. Here are the answers I gave for Desdarii.

  1. What does your character’s living room look like? (If they don’t have a stable home, describe an inn room that he or she has rented steadily.)
    Desdarii and Keste do not have a home of their own. They stay in Thalanaar Halls with their guild mates and have a room in the halls that they share. The common room shared by the guild has a little bit of everything. There's a desk and chair, a couple sofas and comfy chairs over by the fireplace and a table where people work on different items. People tend to like to work on their engineering in particular in this room so it wouldn't be odd to find gun powder traces about.
  2. Does your character have any pets?
    Ha! Desdarii and her druid husband are animal lovers and will collect any and every critter that crosses their path if they could. Most of the animals they keep are allowed to roam in the courtyard or in the stables. The only pet allowed indoors would be Oscar the worg pup. Desdarii has a fitful time sleeping without this fuzzy ball at her feet.
  3. Does your character collect anything? Is that collection of any value to anyone other than them?
    Much to Keste's dismay their shared closet space is filled to capacity with outfits Desdarii finds pretty. She also loves collecting unusual articles of clothing like monocles and turbans and keeps them stored in their room. I can't imagine these items being of much interest to anyone other than Desdarii.
  4. Does he or she have any “side” jobs or professions, other than their class and/or talent professions?
    Desdarii does have one job she performs every so often. At the guild tavern where parties or gatherings are held she likes to round up some beverages and tend the bar. Being a mage she can summon water for those underage or unwilling to drink and can hand out alcohol to those wishing to have a good time.
  5. What would you find in his or her sofa cushions?
    What wouldn't you find would probably be a better question. With a shared sofa space who knows what Desdarii's guild mates have left in there.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Meet Dazzlez


Desdarii was kind enough to mention my arrival previously but allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Dazzlez and I control demons.

Demons are mighty cranky creatures so don't pay them any mind. Perhaps they're only cranky when I play dress up and force them to attend tea parties with me but I believe they tend to be cranky by nature. They are powerfully useful in a pinch.

I've just begun to traverse my way across the Outlands with my brother Razzlez. He's a bit clumsy and so I try not to let him out of my site often.

In other news, check out my pants. Aren't they totally hot? Some guy in Honor Hold gave them to me. I think he has a crush on me!

That is all for now! Wish me luck as I head into Zangermarsh!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Nightbane Defeated!

I am very proud to announce that my team has successfully taken Nightbane down! It took us several tries and the key was having our Shaman switch to a restoration spec and returning. Afterwards we had a big party in a favorite Stormwind Pub where we enjoyed many beverages and sang "We killed the dwagon!"

Weekend Review

I really haven't been contributing as much as normal to my blog and wanted to stop in and give you what I have been up to lately.

  • I'm still running Karazhan with my team. Really just don't have anything new to report. We're doing well. Have cleared up to Nightbane once again and tonight we give the skeleton dragon another go. Hopefully we do well.
  • Desdarii is half-heartedly working on reputation with Netherwing. I say half-heartedly because I really don't care if I get a drake or not. I find them kind of big and annoying (the main reason I traded in my Elekk for a Ram). Yes, they are pretty blue and all but I'm really not breaking my back to earn one. Keste is trying much harder than I am. The money is definitely good though.
  • We've been running many more heroics lately which can only be seen as a good thing. After earning my new robes I had 3 badges remaining. After this weekend plus Kara last night I'm back to 24 badges! Not too shabby.
  • We had some guild drama come to a close (or at least I'm hoping to a close) last night when several members who were unhappy splintered off. I didn't know many of them very well as they were the later raiding team and I mostly slept while they were online but I do wish them well and the happiness they seek. I'm hoping the rest of the guild can let it go and help us all move on to brighter days. These sorts of things happen to guilds all the time and I do not see it as an issue in the long run.
  • I finished off Goldy's enchanting skill getting it to 375. Don't look at her stats because they are jacked up beyond belief because of this final push. Now I need to find an enchanter with healing stuff to help fix the mess I made but at least she is done and will be set to continue come Wrath.
  • Newest addition to the roster would be Razzlez and Dazzlez. Keste and I transferred these old characters from Nathrezim to Blackwater Raiders to enjoy time away from the mains leveling together. Razzlez is a gnome warrior and Dazzlez is a gnome warlock. They are both level 62 currently and we're having a good time. I've forgotten how much fun a warlock is. I also had forgotten how stinking easy a warlock is! I barely have to pay attention and things just die at my feet. It's pretty spiffy.

I think that wraps up my last weekend in a nutshell. All these little things didn't seem worth mentioning on their own. I'll make it a priority to try and post a bit more though.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Anna's Friday Five - Speed Edition

This week Anna five roleplay questions are meant to be quick. Answered in 10-15 words max quickly without much thought. Here's my answers for Desdarii!

  1. Is your character tall/short/average? What kind of build?
    Desdarii is tall with average build.
  2. Name one thing about your character that is quirky, unusual, or unexpected.
    Desdarii is terrified of spiders.
  3. Name one thing about your character that is stereotypical of his/her class, race, or origin.
    Desdarii believes in the goodness of the "Light of Creation" like a good Draenei.
  4. What is his or her favorite (or least favorite) article of clothing?
    Desdarii adores her sombrero!
  5. What is your character’s favorite color?
    Purple. I don't know why it just is.