Friday, September 5, 2008


Today I we just sort of putzing around Shattrath when our guild leader, Gwydion, asked if I wanted to assist in the reclaiming of Halaa out in Nagrand. I accepted and started flying out to Halaa.

On my flight, I was a little conflicted. I had never secured Halaa before. It seems the Alliance has Halaa more often than not. I didn't know if I should admit my ignorance or just sort of play along like I knew what I was doing.

I opted to ask for instructions so at least if I messed up, they would know it was because I was new at this. The stations and the bombing runs needed to kill the guards was explained to me and I started eagerly throwing explosives toward the Horde guards.

I have to say they are extremely dedicated or maybe just really tough! I think it would only take one bomb dropped on my head to kill me or at least have me run for cover. Each pass from our team kept them as easy targets out in the open.

It took many trips and many bombs before even one of them was destroyed. After that they started dropping quicker and it wasn't long before the Alliance flag and the new Alliance guards were in place.

We didn't get to fight any Horde and I guess that's unfortunate. I only got to see the easy win of Halaa instead of the faction fight it's supposed to be. Two Horde were spotted but by the time we landed; they had scurried off.

I'm happy I just got to experience it and now I know what needs to be completed to win Halaa. Next time I'll be an old pro.

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Mae said...

I've never done the Halaa pvp event either, so don't feel bad, I wouldn't have known what the heck to do either! Where did you get the bombs used to kill the guards? It sounds like fun, I may have to go out and help sometime!