Tuesday, May 13, 2008

About Desdarii

Name: Desdarii
Race: Draenei
Class: Mage
Professions: Mining / Jewelcrafting
Birthplace: Azuremyst Island


Desdarii is quite common looking, as draenei go. She appears to be in her middle years of life, not young but far from old. She stands tall and proud with an air of confidence and her eyes carry a spark of intelligence. She smiles often and easily and looks quite approachable. On the outer pocked of her pack, there is a small journal that appears worn with much use.


Desdarii's personality is fairly authoritative but never in any way that is intended to be unkind. She strives for order and organization in almost everything she sets out to accomplish and strongly encourages others to follow suit. She's friendly and gentle to all others that she meets and enjoys being helpful. When excited, she has been known to exaggerate to the point of no return; however she never willfully intends to mislead others.

Desdarii sees herself as a problem-solver and as a result tries to find solutions for any issue that may arise. Sometimes though, her "solutions" are welcomed and other times they are not. She remains steadfast though, and does not allow such reactions to discourage her from trying to find an organized plan to combat the problem. She simply is too logical and has an inherent desire to help others and does not always see when she has crossed the line between helping and meddling.

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