Thursday, September 4, 2008

Too Much To Do!

I've been tired and crabby lately and as a result not getting much done lately. I'm putting my foot down right now and writing down my to-do list to get my motivated to complete some of these tasks.
  1. Raise Money. Lots of Money.
    Keste was nice enough to pony up for your epic mount. Time to repay that favor. I dislike the dailies greatly but I have little alternative. I lack the brain-power / attention span for other methods of gold generating. Stop dilly-dallying and get the man his epic flight!
  2. Do more dungeons.
    My jewelcrafting options are pathetic. All you are at this point is a glorified ore blower-upper. Get off yer tush and at least give the dropped recipes a chance to find you.
  3. Grind Reputation
    I'm not going to be specific because all my reputations across the outland could use a boost. I am only honored with the majority of them. You know what would help with this? See #2. Focus on the reputations that can help with either gear or jewelcrafting recipes.
  4. Help Goldy
    Poor lass has been stuck at 67 seasons for a while now. I should give her some attention and encourage her to finish those last 3 seasons.
  5. Mine More.
    I don't know why I picked jewelcrafting since I dislike mining so much. I think part of my distaste is due to how much flak I get for being a mage miner. People and their prejudices!
  6. Discover Missing Factions
    Places I've never been like Netherwing Ledge or Ogri'la. I've heard these things are neat but I've never actually taken the time to work on these factions. We're talking I'm zero reputation with these folks.

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