Monday, September 8, 2008

5000 Gold... Phew

This weekend we were able to scrounge up enough cash for Keste to be able to purchase his riding skill. We were both working very hard to earn the money for him. I was able to earn about 2000 gold and Goldy happily pitched in an extra 300. Keste earned another 2000+ and friends and guildmates also threw some money into the pot to help him.

Had I thought of it, I would of organized some sort of pledge drive or something for him. Hahaha! That would of been great.

So Keste was able to purchase the advanced riding skill and is on his way to starting the Druid epic flight form quest. He was doing some research on it last night and pointing out the parts I was going to have to help. Of course the heroic trip through Sethekk Halls but some escorts and such he was pointing out. Knowing him, he'll probably try them first and then ask but I of course I will help him.

I already picked up the Sethekk Halls heroic daily in anticipation of when he can do this so I'm all set! Most of it looks like a lot of running around. Maybe that's what he means by my help. He wants me to teleport him all over creation!


gmazeroth said...

That's great! I recently got my Swift Flight Form for my druid, Salthier. After paying for the training, I did all of the quests leading up to Heroic Sethekk in one sitting because I was determined to get it that night!

It's actually fairly easy to solo up until you have to fight the different bird spirits around Terokkar. I depends largely on your spec as the bosses are tuned to bear, cat, and caster forms. I had help from Lal on the last boss.

But it's so worth it.


Mae said...

That's great, much good luck to y'all in your attempt to get his swift flight form!!