Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Keeps Me Playing?

This morning I was thinking about what exactly is keeping me in WoW. There was a couple pieces of news that really brought this thought about.

Our real life friends whom we've been playing MMO's with since 2002 and Keste even earlier with some of them have performed a mass exodus of WoW. Ok, maybe not a mass exodus as there are like 7 of them but these are not just game friends, these are people we hang out with quite regularly face to face.

They contact us and asked if we were going to play Warhammer with them. Keste and I were conflicted. We really really enjoy our playtime on Blackwater Raiders (they play horde on another server) and adore our guild. We're getting to see all kinds of things we didn't expect to see thanks to the guild and other friend's help. We have plenty of stuff we still haven't done to keep us significantly busy. We opted to stay in WoW and wishing them well in Warhammer citing all the reasons above.

Last night Keste and I log in to a world of guild drama. Everyone claiming they are unhappy with the state of the guild. It came as a rather large shock to Keste and myself as we are both very happy with the guild. A guild meeting has been set up for Saturday to discuss member issues. I'm optimistic that things can be resolved although I admit I'm still a bit clueless of what is causing people grief.

With the exit of our friend's departure and the guild we love teetering, I'm left thinking why I'm still here. Here's what I came up with.
  • Even if guildless I have a lot of friends I really enjoy here. I would be upset if the guild dissolved but I'd still be able to play everyone.
  • My Mage. Desdarii is a character that I truly enjoy playing. I used to be an altaholic until I played her. I have Goldy who honestly used to be my favorite but far and away this mage is one of my favorite things in WoW.
  • Keste is a large reason. He absolutely loves his druid and he can't see playing anything else right now. He really doesn't even touch his alts. I would keep playing for him.
  • This blog keeps me playing. I know I don't add anything useful for other players to learn about magey goodness but I really like sharing the things I experience.


krizzlybear said...

I'm glad you know what you want out of the game, especially at a time so close to the release of the next expansion.

I on the otherhand am starting to question my own value in my guild right now. I need some more time to sort out what I want to do, but I feel I could be of better use, considering that our guild is swimming in mages.

Mae said...

I got through this too. I wonder sometimes why I still play and for me, it comes down to Mae in a lot of ways. I love her, I've been playing her for 2.5 years and I'd miss her if I wasn't playing. I'm also eager to see what the expac has to offer us, so that's definite incentive.

I hope everything's okay with your guild. I think, at some point, all guilds have some sort of unhappiness drama. Ours has our fair share of drama, but Loveth is usually pretty good about settling it down.