Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Goldy Reports: Mean People

I was called by my good friend Desdarii asking if I would be interested in some work in Nagrand. I won't be using any names to protect the innocent but it seems a Paladin acquaintance of ours wanted to complete The Ultimate Bloodsport quest and since Des knew I had yet to complete it had offered my assistance in acquiring the heart.

I skipped over to Nagrand and Paladin invited me to his group. I was thinking that this was fantastic! I would finish things up in no time and get back to other tasks I had slated to do that day.

To make myself as useful as possible, I rushed to where Tusker was found and started removing the area of the angry elekk bulls around the base of her hill. I'm a healy priest so this isn't exactly an easy feat for me but I made it through it and quite proudly sat at the base waiting for my Paladin companion to appear.

More people started joining our party. I was delighted that so many people were going to get this task done together. I figured it would go by very quickly with all these folks.

Time passes and the angry elekk's start crowding the space again. I rolled up my sleeves and again went about the task of clearing the area to make it easier for my fellow adventurers to reach Tusker.

I look around and notice that while some of my group members were in Nagrand, they were busy playing in Halaa. One of them, a Priestess, was still in Stormwind. I was still under the assumption that everyone was trying for the same quest I had been called to assist with. It wasn't so. The Paladin was the only one with the quest. Some were just helping fight for Halaa. One kept speaking about Sethekk Halls. I was confused and unsure that I was even there for the right thing. I asked what every one's ETA would be. I got no definite answer.

This is where I started to get annoyed. I had been asked specifically to help with a quest and was being left to wait around. I start expressing my distaste with the delay and stated that if this wasn't the quest we were doing, I would simply move on. I was assured that the Paladin and the Priestess were on their way and we would do the quest shortly.

In the meantime, the angry elekks have repopulated the area and I'm forced once again to kill these beasts all by myself. But they are coming. No need to get upset. I sit and patiently wait for them to arrive.

They arrive and we prepare ourselves against the battle with the elite elekk. The Paladin rushes in and I start assisting with any damage I can offer. All of a sudden the Priestess gets an angry ordinary elekk on her and the Paladin foolishly left the elite to rush to her aid. The result was I was mashed into Dwarf Paste.

Uncertain of the nearest graveyard I decided to stay down so I would be able to obtain the heart after Tusker had died. The Priestess ordered me to run back but the Paladin agreed it was better that I just stay down to ensure I get the heart.

After the beast has been killed, the Priestess hopped on her mount and rode away. I asked for a resurrection and she left the group. Luckily the Paladin was nice enough to help me back to my feet and I was able to obtain the heart.

I was understandably upset. I sarcastically thanked her for her helping me up. Yes, I didn't say it nicely but how good a mood would you have been if left to rot on the ground? Especially since my choice was seconded by the Paladin.

Her response to me? "I do not tolerate laziness so you do not deserve a rez". It was a lot of hostile words after that and things about it's no wonder I'm never helped with things; I got credit so what's the problem; she didn't even have the quest and helped out of the goodness of her heart. The words lazy and me being undeserving came up many times. I was accused of making her miss an enchant sale in Stormwind because I rushed her to help me. It was truely upsetting.

I don't see how I was the rude/lazy one in this situation.
  • The fact I died was no fault of mine. The issue was a miscalculation on our Paladin friend on what was the bigger threat. Did she think I purposely died and didn't release to trick her into killing Tusker for me?
  • I didn't invite her to the group nor did I in any way request her specifically to assist me. I came to help the Paladin. She could of stayed in Stormwind all evening as far I was concerned. She was a healy priest like me, it wasn't like I personally needed her skills.
  • I don't see why I should have just given up rights to finish the quest myself when the two of them were able to finish the job without me.

Not to mention the long time I sat around killing with the intent to make it easier for them! I'm unsure if she just strayed from my killing path or if that elekk had just arrived but I had done quite a bit trying to make the area safe for them. Not once, but three times!

Perhaps I was just out of sorts but this really burned my bottom. Even if the tables had been turned, I wouldn't have just left her corpse lying on the ground.

I marched back to Shattrath swearing I would never offer to help anyone ever again. I know I don't really mean it though. What good is a Holy Priest if I'm not healing someone?


Mae said...

That's terrible!!! I mean, after they made you wait around, the least she could do was rez you!! Besides, it's not laziness to want to complete the quest, especially if there's a chance that the others in the party would kill the beast. When we raid, no one releases and runs back on bosses until a wipe is called, this guy is a boss for this quest and to have not run back was the right thing to do in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Ahh booger... lost my original reply...

Yeah well it all boils down to:
If you aren't going to rez party members without complaint, don't play a rezzer.

That person sucks!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That priest was a snot!

Please don't let ppl like them turn you away from helping because for everyone of them there is a person like myself who appreciates your help.

I do hate the Tuskerr quest because of ppl like that, however. I've had similar experiences of waiting and waiting and waiting.