Friday, June 26, 2009

Sandbox Tiger

My husband enjoys the WoW Minis quite a bit. Not so much for playing the minis game, just because he likes collecting them. He recently graduated from college and for one of his presents we got him two mini boxes.

In one of the boxes there was a Sandbox Tiger card. Since he is a loving and wonderful husband he gave the card to me. I'm sort of a sucker for stupid nonsense items. It's pretty fun to play with. For those not aware, it's like one of those playground rocker toys. This is a spectral tiger on a spring.

Here I would of most likely included a picture of me riding my new Sandbox Tiger but unfortunately my WoW screenshots folder got corrupted somehow. I logged in to take a new picture last night but went and killed Ahune instead and then completely forgot all about my tiger. Sorry. I've always been a bit ditsy though. Maybe I'll remember to take one some other time and include it.

My only complaint would be it only has 50 charges. Why!? Why can't I just have a Sandbox Tiger toy to play with forever? It's just a fun silly item. It makes me sad and now I don't use it as much as I probably normally would just because I want to save it for special occasions.

In other news, I have finished all the Fire Festival events and got my new title. Woo! Desdarii the Flame Warden. Yeah, I don't suspect to be using that one often.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lil' Game Hunter

Today I broke down and decided to purchase the last 3 pets I needed to finish up this achievement. I had more money than I've ever had before thanks to my lack of doing anything but dailies in game for the past 2 months.

I bought myself a red, green and dark whelp. They were the cheapest ones on the auction house which is odd since the whelps are usually pretty darn expensive. The new winners are the argent dawn pets going for 2.5k each. I was tempted to buy some of the horde pets that was available but honestly... they're ugly. If anything I'd want the blood elf pet because it's so very Fantasia.

After learning my pets I got the achievement and a letter from Breanni. Included was Little Fawn's Salt Lick to add to my collection.

The baby deer is adorable. I love how it prances happily behind me as we proudly march around Dalaran.

It looks like my pet collection obsession is satisfied for now. There are no more achievements at this time for me to strive for. I'll still work on getting the rest of the argent tournament pets and at least the Enchanted Broom. For today though I am a content pet collector!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Battle Bot

Today I redeemed my Battle-Bot pet from the Mountain Dew promotion. It just looks like a bot but it has two empty canisters on the back. I supposedly was to receive fuel for the bot but I didn't get any. I can get some tomorrow anyway. I really just needed another pet.

I'm not sure when the pet became available. I thought they would email me or something with a code. But there it was on the home page staring me in the face. "Battle-Bot Pet: claim now..." Yeah I can be a bit slow at times.

I'm now 3 pets away from Lil' Game Hunter. I have 2 more argent tournament pets to get. I got the sheep yesterday. I just about jumped out of my skin when that Elwynn wolf came out and ate it. I was desperately trying to kill it and save my sheep.

I'll have to either farm for or suck it up and purchase a whelp to get that final pet. Good thing all I do is dailies! I might be able to afford one!

Monday, June 8, 2009


I finished up my work for all the factions at the Argent Tournament and was bombarded with achievements!

What exactly is the difference between Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance and Exalted Champion of the Alliance anyway?

I'm just glad I don't have to bring that ding bat flowers anymore. I've only got 2 of the pets though so I still need to continue the other dailies to earn all those!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Beg to Differ

Travelers stopped coming? Oh really? I guess you haven't noticed me then. I've visited you every day for the past week because apparently the daily is stuck! Here's your stupid flowers now give me the sword... again... and I'll be on my merry way so you can continue on your pity party.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Night of Raiding

Last night Gabi said he would watch the baby and let me have a night raiding once again. I forgotten how much fun it was. I have missed hanging out with those 9 wonderful people!

Where did we go?

They took me to the Vault of Archavon. I have helped destroy Archavon many times but Emalon was new to me. It wasn't very difficult but seeing and trying the new fight was super fun. Gee even had to save me once when I accidentally got too close to a Tempest Warder. I couldn't help it. I was excited and had to see!

Next we went to the Eye of Eternity to face off with Malygos. I've been in here before but it was just a "Hey lets see what's in there" trip. We didn't even make it past phase one. They have all defeated Malygos since then but I was nervous I was going to muck up the works. I did fine until phase 3 and riding the dragon. Basically I freaked out, didn't stay with the group and died out of stupidness. We didn't defeat him that time anyway and the next time I felt much more confident having seen what was going to happen.

I had thought I would finally get my champion of the frozen wastes title but unfortunately it appears I have yet to do Heroic Stratholme. I know for a fact I have done this before as I helped Earynn get his Bronze Drake. I some how got cheated on credit for finishing that dungeon. Maybe I can find some time some weekend to finish off that achievement.

Was a good night! I had a lot of fun.