Thursday, September 11, 2008

Keste. Now 220% Faster.

Today we gathered some friends and headed into a heroic version of Sethekk Halls with the goal of helping Keste earn his swift flight form.

Perhaps it's just me but heroic Sethekk was really pretty challenging. We were able to do it with relatively little difficulty but it took a while and it was a bit before we were in the groove.

I also have to say that the treasures found inside were hardly worth the increased difficulty. I don't know if we'll be frequenting this heroic often.

We did make it to the back of the hall and Keste called down Anzu. He's a funny looking little chicken. We defeated him pretty quickly and cheered! We finished emptying the halls and walked out with smiles and feathers sticking out of our armor every which way.

I sent Keste off to go and quickly retreive his new skill. He said he also was given a new idol for his troubles.

His new flight form is definately more pleasing to look at. He looked like some sort of vulture before. Now he's all pretty purple with decorations.

We talked about taking this group of five and starting a weekly heroic team. I think that would be great!

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Mae said...

Yay!! Congrats to Keste on his epic flight form!! I recently decided to bite the bullet and get Majesty her epic flyer (like yesterday) and I was so, so, so happy... though it really hurts to shell out $5k gold at a pop. lol.

Congrats to him again, that's really awesome!! /target Keste, /cheer!!