Monday, September 15, 2008

Raiding to the Max!

As I reported earlier last week, Maeleigh and her guild were kind enough to invite Keste and I to join them in SSC. The Gruul's and Mag's invite was more spontaneous and we really lucked out during that raid as well but this was a whole new level of dungeon for us.

I was pretty nerved up. I read a couple guides on boss fights but you know how they all seem a little abstract until you actually see them in person. I had no clue on how trash was taken care of at all. When the giant bog monsters started spewing all over us I almost had a heart attack. If anyone had been looking at me, they'd only seen pure terror on my face. I was helpless of what I should be doing as poison was being sprayed all over me.

We skipped the first boss and went for Lurker of the Deep. Some parts I got. Stay out of the water until the spout because it hurts but spout hurts more. The platform thing had me stuck though. I was assigned to be sheeping on a platform. Well for some reason my brain equated platform with a raised surfuce, not the little patch of land directly behind me. Luckly Mae had my back and pointed my dense tush to the proper location I was to be standing.

I probably over did the polymorphing. I was just supposed to keep it down, not burn all my mana and keep turning the naga into a piggie like some sort of crazed OCD mage. I had a shadow priest with me and she was good at keeping me topped off.

We weren't able to stay as long as we would of liked. Our home Kara team called and we couldn't leave them hanging. Keste and his tankage is sort of an important part to the team. We were able to stay and witness Lurker's death and Summit was kind enough to hand me Cord of Screaming Terrors for my troubles. I gemmed it up with the best I was able to make.

Keste and I both would really like to thank Maeleigh and Summit for allowing us to attend. Serpent Shrine Cavern is something we most likely would not be something we would ever see if it was not for their willingness to bring us along. They're a great group of folks and understood that us new folks would be standing around in wonder at the dungeon. It was a great time and we honestly appreciated the opportunity. Thank you.

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Mae said...

You are most welcome, Desdarii!! We were glad to have y'all along. You're definitely welcome to come again!! Oh, and congrats on the awesome loot! :D