Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Learn 2 RP: Add-Ons

This edition of Learn 2 RP is dedicated to my husband, Keste, who loves mods. The man will install and try any mod he finds even remotely interesting. I use his mod addiction as my tester for any mod before I decide to try it. As a result, I have not installed all of these mods listed so use them at your own risk!

Today I want to touch on some add-ons available for RP’ers. Back in May the RP podcast Mischief and Mayhem took some time to go over some of the mods listed here and it is a really good review. I suggest you go give it a listen. These are mods I've either tried or heard good things about.

Roleplaying Helper 2
This mod has phrases and emotes programmed into it and set to trigger when a specific event happens. It may say or emote something when you enter combat or cast a specific spell. It’s all easily modified so you can enter your own phrases, emotes and how frequently the events trigger. I keep my frequency down as it gets a little old if you’re commenting every time you cast a spell or leave combat, etc. I really enjoy this mod and how it changes my phrases based on which character I’m playing. It's easily customized as well which makes it great.

GuildGreet Extended
It’s really not targeted to role-players but it would alert you if someone in your guild logged in, joined the guild or leveled so you can greet them or congratulate them. The phrases were customizable and you could create several that it would use at random. This mod has good intentions but I found the robot-ness of it a little annoying and ended up uninstalling it.

I honestly tried this one out a long-long time ago so I don’t know if my opinion of it even counts. It helps you by translating common RP faux pas into speech that’s … well more eloquent. For example it will grab and translate your LOL’s into /laugh or specific emotes. I uninstalled it because it was sometimes quirky and translated words I didn’t intend and made my sentences make no sense. This could be corrected with more recent versions.

This is currently in alpha and replaces Emotomania. It adds a lot of new emotes to your list and allows you to create custom emotes and aliases to easily call them. I have not used either MyEmotes or Emotomania. Keste says he had Emotomania installed at one point but uninstalled it because he simply wasn’t using it. He installed MyEmotes and says that is has a ton of emotes available and thinks the new version is good. His only complaint is he couldn’t find a list of the new emotes outside of looking through the lua file. It is still just alpha so I’m sure it’s coming!

I have heard good things about this mod from a couple different people but have never tried it personally. (Would you believe I’ve never rolled a hunter? It’s true.) What it does is automates your hunter or warlock pet into having a personality of their own. Your pet will emote randomly or sometimes to tell you something, for example your pet may paw the ground when hungry.

This is another one that I don’t think was built with role-players in mind but was sort of morphed to our purposes. It will allow you to easily swap out of your armor into role-play clothes. You can have a set for town, a set for fishing, etc. You do have to be carrying all these outfits around with you.

Here is a wonderful mod that all role-players should have. It allows you to give your character descriptions, last name, and mark yourself as a role-player looking for contact. This mod also works with FlagRSP2 which is similar to MyRolePlay. Players without these mods installed do not get to see your additional information.

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