Monday, September 29, 2008

Firefly Happiness!

This morning I was really sort of just goofing around. I went to Ironforge and got some shiny tokens from the Brewfest and then decided to clean up my bank a bit. I sold some items I was keeping for goodness knows what reason, re-organized the gems and primals I've collected. You know, normal stuff.

I then found the enchanting recipe I had picked up in the Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad for Goldy to learn. Unfortunately Goldy already knew it and there was already one in the guild vault I decided to make a few copper pieces by throwing it on the auction house.

While in the auction house I was approached by a young dwarf offering to pay me for a teleport to Shattrath. He gave me two gold pieces and a teleport rune and I sent him on his way.

I stood there for a bit with my two shiny new gold pieces in my hand. Reason told me to put it in my pocket and save for the future like a good girl. However, the urge to just look through the lists in the auction house to see what I could buy for two gold was much too tempting.

You won't believe what I found! You just will not believe it!

I found a Captured Firefly on the auction house for 50 silver. FIFTY! Do you know how rare these things are? I ran to the mailbox to make sure it was the real thing. I have a picture of it I will have to post later so for now just trust me. I have found the biggest deal ever.

I suppose a smart person would of resold it for it's real price but not this little Draenei. Oh no. I'm going to be walking around with my pet bug everywhere! I'm so happy!

I also found a Brown Prairie Dog for two gold so in typical Desdarii fashion I exceeded my budget.


Spicytuna said...

Oh! So lucky! It sells for around 500g on my server >_<

Anonymous said...

Ohh what a wonderful session for you... a 499 gold discount on the firefly... lovely