Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Brewfest Fun

I was able to overcome my difficulties with the daily enough to earn myself my brewfest dress which makes me very happy.

We continue to run through the daily fight in Blackrock Depths in the attempt to find more Kodos for our friends. We got one for Nehtor yesterday and last night a ram was found for Nyriell.

What's odd is we haven't not even once seen the remote. That's the one I sort of wanted. I guess my magey-ness just likes the idea of another porting location. But I won't be super upset if we don't find one.

Goldy was able to catch the 8:00 pm show of the Elite Tauren's in the Grim Guzzler last night which was exciting for her. She told me she still can't find her panties after the concert and fears she may have threw them on stage in her excitement.

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