Saturday, January 31, 2009

7th Title

Keste helped me finish up the Elder title this afternoon. We were able to run through some of the normal dungeons with just the two of us which was handy.

Earynn hosted another achievement night which was instrumental in getting the heroic gundrak elder. Thank you very much to him for his help!

This is my seventh title for Desdarii and while I still sort of like "Chef" more at the moment, it's nice to know I got this one check off the list!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You Don't Have to Be Crazy To Raid With Us

... but it helps.

Also a special thank you to Alburet for selflessly passing on the wand that dropped and allowing me my Superior achievement as a result. Thank you!

A Challenge You Say?

Lately Keste has been talking a lot about his death knight, Candypain. Ugh, that name still makes me cringe. Anyway he’s planning on bring her up as another tank. Why he needs another tank when he’s a feral druid and our full time off tank in raids? I dunno. But he apparently thinks he does.

He babbled on about Candypain so much that a few guildmates were discussing the opportunities we’d have with a death knight in the raid. I responded with, “Don’t get too excited, his death knight is only 70.”

I think it was a fair statement. Knowing my husbands short attention span for questing, I thought I was simply stating a fact. Sure Candypain may eventually be 80 and ready to raid but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Keste has taken it as a challenge. He says I am “calling him out” and claiming that he cannot level his death knight to 80. His bear fur was all in a tangle and started making plans to level Candypain.

Woah woah woah! I thought the plan was to level Candypain with Goldy and we’d get alts up together? Apparently this plan is now out the window. Not only is Goldy on her own for leveling; last night he suggested we make it a race against these two characters. His death knight versus my priest.

Me (dripping with sarcasm): “So my healer class versus your totally OP death knight. That sounds fair…”

Keste: “Goldy is specced Disc! She is a power house!”

That is his defense ladies and gentlemen. Somehow discipline priests are comparable to a death knight and their damage. I am not convinced. I've decided to make a pro and con list to figure out if I should accept his challenge.


  • I am a questing machine. I am the anal retentive quester that will organize my quests by area before starting to optimize experience gain per hour. I did this before things like QuestHelper and Carbonite were around.
  • Goldy is currently level 71 (one level ahead of Candypain) and with full rested experience since I’ve just been using her as a banker for the past couple months.
  • Goldy is a healer and more likely to find groups for things like dungeon runs than a dime a dozen death knight.
  • Keste will focus hard for maybe a week and pull way ahead of Goldy before moving back to Keste. Yes, his attention span and dislike of leveling is to my advantage.


  • Keste’s current schedule has him off 3 days a week. I only get 2 days off. That’s a whole day of leveling that I do not have access to.
  • Keste says he doesn’t but he sneaks on and plays while at work. (Don’t try to deny it Keste because I see you online.) I have no way to play during work hours giving him even more potential game time not available to me.
  • If the rumors are true, death knights can kill 8,000,000 things at once giving a bit of a experience advantage to Goldy’s single target abilities.
  • Keste will cheat. I don’t know how but he will cheat.

Weighing the two I’d say he’s pretty stinking likely to beat me to 80. If nothing else, his significant amount of game time is enough to help him get and stay ahead of Goldy no matter how superior a leveler I am.

I tell you one thing, if I do take this challenge the prizes for winning better be freaking sweet. I’ll also have to lay down some ground rules as well so he doesn’t just beg Geearthur to power level him. Not that Gee would be crazy enough to risk pregger aggro like that, would he?

What do you think? Should I take him up on his challenge?

Hail to the Chef!

I am very proud of myself tonight. This weekend I noticed I was two achievements away from the Hail to the Chef achievement. Namely the Outland and Northrend Gourmet achievements. Step one was finish off my cooking profession. I was about 16 points from 450.

I decided to work on my Northrend elders and while I was in the zone anyway to pick up meat from the beasties there to finish my northrend recipe listing as well as finish up my skill. It worked out extremely well. By the time I returned to Dalaran I had a bag full of coins and enough meat to finish up my cooking skill. I purchased the fish feast and finished off the Northrend Gourmet.

Tonight I decided to finish the deal and spent about thirty minutes running around Outland to pick up my missing ingredients. It didn't take long at all before I was also an Outland Gourmet.

I am happily rewarded with a new title to wear. One I think is a little more rare than the others. You don't see many Chefs running about.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Plague Quarter Cleared!

Some exciting news today! Last night my little team of all around fun and lovable people cleared the Plague Quarter of Naxxramas!

Confession time! I didn't help for poop on Heigan. The floors of evil poison goop just keep doing me in. I really can't figure out what the heck is wrong with me. I look like I'm doing the same thing as everyone else and then all of a sudden pppppbbbfffftttt dead Desdarii while everyone else keeps running along. Keste says my dead body's placement was an excellent marker for where to run to so at least I can feel like I helped out that way!

By the end of Heigan we had only four people left alive but they killed him! I cheered for joy at not having to look like an idiot splat on the floor any more. I am determined to not let this nonsense encounter defeat me. I will figure out how to live through such a stupid room.

Loatheb didn't give us much difficulty. There were a few times I was certain I was going to die but Stesha would always pull off a big heal right before I dropped. Yay for Stesha!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some Random Fun!

This weekend I've been running a couple dungeons but mostly been working on the Lunar Festival achievements. I've gotten all the old world elders including the ones in the dungeons and was able to collect a few inside the Northrend dungeons. I feel pretty happy with the progress I've been able to make in one day.

The only place found any problem was Ogrimmar where a hunter thought he was awesome waiting for Alliance who have been beaten on by guards all they way to the valley of Wisdom and then finish them off. It was a minor set back and annoyance but I was soon out of there and continuing my journey.

I haven't just been working on the festival though. I've had plenty of time for silly nonsense as well.

My good hunter friend, Nyriell, was kind enough to share with me some of her Pygmy Oil. I wasn't aware of what this oil was but I did as I was asked and drank a bunch of it.

Oh my! I was turned into a little voodoo gnome! Ny and I were simply adorable. Firefizzle turned himself into a tiny basilisk and I had to take a picture of the three of us.

I spent some time to fish up some more pygmy fish so she could make me some more oil just to play with.

I also decided I was a melee mage during a run of Heroic Utgarde Keep. Geearthur simply wasn't pulling fast enough for my taste so I took charge. Literally. I charged in sword drawn and giving a great big Xena yell to start fights. Keste said he had married a crazy person. I am surprised he's just discovering this now.

I also participated in a guild run of Molten Core on Friday night. It was very warm in there. They need to invest in some fans or something. Luckily I have my frostfire bolt as I'm fairly certain everything would have been immune to my fire bolt.

We made it all the way to the great firelord Ragnaros himself and defeated him with little resistance. I naturally earned a new achievement for the group's effort which was very neat. We added some nice bracers and belts to the guild vaults for our up and coming guildmates to use.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lunar Festival Is Coming!

The Lunar Festival is scheduled to start tomorrow, January 24th and will run until February 12th. It is the celebration held in Moonglade each year to commemorate the city’s triumph over ancient evil. All citizens of Azeroth can participate in some form of the festivities although there are pieces that are restricted to the more seasoned individual.

This year’s Lunar New Year is on January 26th so make sure you stop into Stormwind, Thunderbluff, Booty Bay or Moonglade to watch the firework show and join in the celebration! There will also be a special fireworks show on February 12th in Moonglade that marks the Chinese Festival of Lanterns.

In starter cities, such as Stormwind and Ogrimmar, you will find heralds and emissaries that will give you a quest called “The Lunar Festival” that will direct you to the Lunar Festival Harbinger in the city who will give you a quest called “Lunar Fireworks”. You just purchase some fireworks from a near by vendor to complete the quest and obtain a Lunar Festival Invitation. This invitation allows you to step into the Greater Moonlight (the big beam of light near the harbinger) and be teleported directly to Moonglade.

Tip: This quest is so easy I usually use it to get my low level alts an extra flight path with little effort.

What is there to do during the Lunar Festival?

There is only one major quest associated with the Lunar Festival and that is “Elune’s Blessing” from Valadar Starsong in Moonglade. This quest requires you to be level 40 at a minimum and is offered to both Horde and Alliance alike. The objective is to summon Omen in Moonglade and defeat him. It can be completed in a raid as well so gather all your friends at once and take care of many folks at one time!

The other activity to do is visit the elders scattered across Azeroth and obtain Coins of Ancestry. These mini quests are simple, just time consuming to travel all over the world to visit these ancestors. A complete list of all the Elders is available on WoWwiki’s Elders Page.

Tip: I recommend visiting the Elders for those going for the Ambassador title as each visit grants rep for your faction (Alliance or Horde) without having to buy more runecloth!

The Coins of Ancestry are used as currency for repeatable quests in Moonglade to buy fun roleplay items like Festive Lunar Dresses and Festive Lunar Pant Suits in a variety of colors. There are also Festival Dumplings and Elune’s Candles to be picked up with your coins.

Tailors will want to save up some of their coins to obtain the patterns for Festival Dress and Festival Suit.

Engineers can obtain the schematics to make their own Firework Launcher, Small Rockets, Large Rockets, Cluster Launcher, Large Cluster Rockets and Cluster Rockets.

Lunar Festival Achievements

New this year is the achievements for the Lunar Festival. There are 15 to complete, 11 required to obtain the new title “Elder” from To Honor One’s Elders. You will have completed all 15 trying to get the required 11 so all you completest out there do not fret!

The easiest to obtain are the 5 quests associated with the simply obtaining coins. The only one required for the title is 50 Coins of Ancestry but of course you will collect all the others trying to obtain 50!

There are other achievements you will most likely get in tandem with these coin achievements just because you will visit all these elders to collect the coins! Yes, Alliance will have to collect from the Elders of the Horde and vice versa but it’s not so bad.

There are two achievements that have a time requirement with the fireworks. It doesn’t seem like they will be too difficult to obtain.

There are two achievements for completing quests. One is simply buying yourself some festival clothing with your coins. The other is the raid quest to defeat Omen.

So remember to get out there and have some fun with these added events the world has planned for us! You should definately expect Elder Desdarii to be running around Azeroth very soon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How I Fail at Raiding

Hey Guys! Tell Noth "Hi" for me. I'll just be hanging out here.

Bleh I was so upset that I was too slow and ended up getting locked out of the Noth fight. The raid had no problem taking him down. I was just annoyed that I was too stupid to not make it in to be able to help.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sartharion & Grobbulus Slain

Feeling really good after my raid group successfully killed Sartharion and Grobbulus last night. The victory was frustrating due to continuing connectivity problems. Keste at one point was disconnected and had to wait in a queue to log back in. Poor Alburet was disconnected four times during one of our Grobbulus attempts and I disconnected once during Grobbulus. We got them both though which was very satisfying.
Now we are moving on to Gluth and we need a bit more practise on him. As Alburet put it, "This fight is stupid." I had to admit it made me laugh. We'll get it. Hopefully some of these latency issues can be resolved. It certainly isn't helping matters any.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Ugliest Human on Azeroth

Keste and I had a good time doing a couple heroics today and one of them was Old Stratholme.

My least favorite instances are any of the ones in Caverns of Time as I'm always turned into some tail-less pink human freak. I know I have to put on the disguise so I don't mess with time and all that but I like my horns and tail so much better.

I thought I had it pretty bad until I saw the human disguise Keste was given to wear. His hair is really what needs to be pointed out here. It's a bald guy mullet! Positively dreadful! I was laughing so hard at him I needed a pause before I was ok to start fighting. Lucky for him he spent most of his time in panther form and we didn't have to stare at him. I don't know but I would speak to someone about getting a new costume, Keste.

The exciting thing was today we were able to get the Culling of Time achievement for the first time. I passed on the bronze drake as others in there want it way more than me but congratulations to Earynn on his shiny new mount!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

AV and the Lagmonster

Blackwater Raiders appears to be having serious issues of late. We aren’t having the huge queues that I see reported on other blogs but our server is still not doing well. The lag you experience everywhere is just horrible. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are in an instance, in a city, or out in the wilderness.

Yesterday, I was randomly booted from the server without any cause why. I actually was moving around freely in Dalaran and thought things were fairly normal. After being disconnected, I wasn’t able to log back in. Any other server I tried worked fine. BWR simply wasn’t working. I was worried I was going to miss the guild meeting but I was able to get back on just in time.

Last night was the guild’s super fun “Achievement Night” set up by the wonderful totem hugger, Earynn. I missed last weeks because of the break I imposed upon myself but I was determined to be there this week.

This week our goal was to have everyone get into the same Alterac Valley instance and try for some of the achievements that this battleground has to offer. Earynn had 12 people answer his call and we decided to at least take a shot at Alterac Blitz first. If we couldn’t handle that we could try retreating to our keep and shoot for Loyal Defender. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.

The horrible lag was just as bad in the battleground. People were disconnecting left and right. Screens were freezing up for precious seconds only to catch up and find themselves in a graveyard. People were frustrated and we all decided that it was a wash. Poor Earynn was apologizing to us as if he could do anything about it!

I, on the other hand, had an absolutely fabulous time. If you know anything about me it is that I am simply horrible at PvP on my mage. Just dreadfully bad. While I was lagging like others I was able to stay on right until the end of the battleground. I stood in the back and just AoE and spammed bolts out at random targets.

I only died once and that was from our failed attempt at rushing the Horde keep. I got a bunch of killing blows and a ton of honor kills. I ran out of mana, twice! Firefizzle of course cranked out double the damage I can do as usual but I was very proud of my performance over all. I felt like a bad ass killing everything and dying only once.

I was getting a lot of heals which helped make me feel so dang tough. I think that’s due to having guild support rather than just randomites in the BG with me. I might try battlegrounds more often if it means I can stay alive for more than 20 seconds at a time.

I ended up leaving the battle ground with Grim Reaper and Damage Control achievements. So, thank you to Earynn. The lag was horrible but I still had a grand time in Alterac Valley!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adventures in Raiding

Tonight my raiding team was just all over the map. We started in Naxxramas. We completely cleared the Spider Quarter. We then poked into the Construct Quarter and killed Patchwerk. We are purposely saving Grobbulus for a full night to defeat him.

While we were kicking tush and taking names in Naxxramas the Alliance obtained Wintergrasp. We packed up our weapons, wands and implements of destruction and headed to Wintergrasp to face off with Archavon. I ended up obtaining the Heroes' Frostfire Robe. It was a decline in my hit rating (and honestly my other robes are prettier looking) but they are very nice robes and I saved myself 80 badges!

Then just for the sense of adventure we headed out to give Satharion a quick visit. We didn't have enough time to actually give an actual try at Satharion but we did clear a side and get a separate badge from one of the side drakes. Hold then tried to solo Satharion and says he had it but he tripped. Ah well, next time Hold!

We are really getting back into the old groove and made the entire thing look easy. I'm having a great time!

Sad Cookie

Goldy found this sad little gingerbread man on the streets of Dalaran. Makes you wonder why he has a sad face? Is it because he's missing an arm? Is it because he was discarded?

Don't be sad little gingerbread man! I am sure you are still delicious and will eat you!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Check out my pretty new robe Firefizzle made me! Isn't it just totally awesome looking? I love it. It's even my favorite color!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Sad Day

I'm very sad to announce today the loss of a guildmate, a friend and an all around lovely person. I believe I had mentioned our friend Dumadin many times in my posts. Dumadin's love and soul mate passed away quietly last night. She did have health problems which doesn't make things easier but still it came upon unexpectedly which not only brings grief but shock.

My love and condolences go out to Dumadin and his family. Topaz was a wonderful friend and truly caring individual to many of us me included. She will be sorely missed.

Itching to Kill

I took most the week off. Okay, so I did login to do my jewelcrafting daily but that’s it I swear! I figured it wasn’t fair to put those waiting for my jewelry to wait because I felt like a poohead about the game. A quick Desdarii login, check my mail, get my token and then logout. It’s a good thing I did too as my mailbox had several items needing my attention.

The break has done me good I think. I believe I am ready to come back and light some crap on fire. It is Friday after all and a night I will for certain have my gamer buddy Keste at my side. I’m sure he’s ready to kill some baddies as well.

Look out Azeroth! Desdarii’s recharged and ready to kill!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Naxxramas Success

I'm very glad I was able to attend the Naxxramas raid this evening. It went really well and we were successful in clearing the Arachnid Quarter. Maexxna did give us some difficulties but our biggest battle seemed to be against the lag spikes that were plaguing everyone. It's never good when the person assigned to raid heals disappears. I'm certain we would have killed Maexxna much sooner without these tiny hang ups that kept occuring. Poor Keste had to go to work and missed our successful kill of Maexxna but it's ok. We'll only get faster at it and do better next try.

Once again Grand Widow Faerlina was kind to me and I picked up the Grieving Spellblade for my very own. It's a pretty neat weapon.

Oh and I have a small confession as well. It wasn't until about the third wipe on Maexxna that I realized I still had my piccolo equipped. Whoops. I don't think it made any difference anyway and no one noticed.

A Planned Break

Keste and I were talking about things last night and we’re just feeling a bit burned out on WoW for the moment. We’ve had a lot of excitement in the last couple weeks with the ultrasound and preparing babies room to Keste’s schedule change. I think we need to take some time off and just stay offline for a bit.

Tonight we are signed up for a Naxx raid and we will attend that but after tonight we’re going to take a break for at the very least the rest of the week. It’ll be difficult for me to not do my jewelcrafting dailies but my goal is to not login at all. I’m going to try and be strong and just relax. Get some stuff done around the house. Finish my jigsaw puzzle. Play with my dogs. Work some more on preparing for baby.

A relaxing break to recharge our batteries a little. We’d like to start having more fun and enjoy the game again. Right now it’s just aggravating and annoying us. That’s not the purpose of a hobby so time for a break.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Achievement Weekend!

Since Keste has recently been moved to the midnight shift (upsetting but at least he still has his job) I’ve been kind of goofing off in game. I guess it makes me realize he’s my anchor to get anything of real value done in game in terms of completing or even entering dungeons or working on my gear.

What have I been doing, then? Achievements! I still have been good about doing my dailies and I even did a quest or two in Icecrown but mostly I’ve been just getting achievements.


I finally was fed up being exalted with everyone except gnomeregan. Oh, you annoying little gnomes! Why do you make it so difficult to get you to like me!

I went and grabbed every single quest there was for Gnomeregan and did them all. I even did that silly one with the ring that you have to pay 30 silver to complete. I received the dungeon achievement for completing Gnomeregan. Still they refused to call me exalted.

I ran to the Auction House and bought up stacks and stacks of Runecloth to hand to their cloth quartermaster. After about 16 stacks they finally said “Ok Ok! We like you already!”

Success and my 5th title for Desdarii, Ambassador!

Sadly enough running Gnomeregan and doing all those quests took up almost an entire night of my playtime. It probably would have gone faster if I had stopped getting lost. It seemed every time I turned around I was staring at the entrance portal. I’m thinking Des just really didn’t want to be in there.


After my success with Gnomergan, I realized that now that I had the Workshop Key I was simply a Key to the City away from The Keymaster achievement. I really really dislike Stratholme but I sucked it up. It turned out that Stratholme really liked me this evening though. I was lucky enough to find two super fun trinkets in my wanderings inside.

I found the Piccolo of Flaming Fire, which I know people find super annoying but it’s really just tough. I’m making your character dance not give me all your gold or recite bad poetry or something. Have a little laugh every now and then. I’m really super happy to have this in my greedy little clutches. Gee best watch out. Dance wars are on!

I also obtained an Orb of Deception which I know Keste is super jealous about. I actually haven’t bound it to me yet. I thought about giving it to him since he does love it so much. Bah! This one is mine! Go find your own fuzz ball!

I found my Key to the City and got the Keymaster achievement easy enough but with all the lucky drops I was finding I decided it was too good an instance to leave. I set a path to finish the dungeon and get the achievement for defeating Stratholme.

While I didn’t find any other fabulous goodies inside I was rather proud of myself of completing the Baron run under time. Barely under time but I made it. I think now that I know I can do it without trying I could do it even faster. Wouldn’t Gee be upset if I got that stupid horse!? /cackle

After Stratholme I focused on more cooking achievements. One was Dinner Impossible. I was saving all the feasts for Naxx but I can always make more. I also got a Arathi Basin Victory achievement out of the deal.

I then popped out to Shattrath and found that the last daily cooking quest I needed for Kickin’ It Up a Notch was up today. I know I did skip this one quite a bit back in the 70 days. Catching those large birds was a pain to me.

For some strange reason the last four achievements I received gave me credit for completing them on January 5th instead of the 4th. I kind of expected some sort of time travel achievement or something.


First thing I did this morning was do my jewelcrafting and cooking dailies as usual but then I rushed out to the Basin to collect chickens for the Frenzyheart once again. I really think that instead of paying me every day to pick up their chickens to instead employ me to build them a chicken coop but who am I to judge.

Doing this one quest got me Honorary Frenzyheart which means I’ve now done with these guys and I can switch over to the oracles and they’re more fun chance of mini pets. I got to revered with them just so I could get all the jewelcrafting patterns. At least Blizzard made it easy to switch back and forth. That makes me happy.

Oddly enough the credit for this achievement was posted for January 4th. Something tells me not all the bugs are worked out of this system yet. Still I’m enjoying it immensely!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jewelcrafting Tid Bits

With the Wrath expansion I have to say I’m very pleased with the changes in my crafting. I was a jewelcrafter from the start and I have to say felt darn near useless in Burning Crusade because all the nice patterns were random world drops and I got maybe five patterns despite the millions of dungeons I ran in.

The new earn it yourself method of doing a daily and spending tokens is still time consuming but allows me to get what people want and not have to constantly say “Sorry I don’t have that pattern”. Now I can say “Sorry I don’t have it, yet!”

See the difference?

I know I can get it, it just takes some time. I’m not always going to have junk as I’m constantly working on improving my recipe listing. Also I’ve had tremendous luck with jewelcrafting patterns dropping in Wrath dungeons and even at random in the world that I completely didn’t expect.

I spend my jewelcrafter tokens and can earn shiny new recipes. This is great! I can reliably get one token a day by doing the daily quest set up for jewelcrafters. I’ve been very diligent about this and haven’t missed a single day! Patterns range from costing a couple tokens for plain gem patterns up to 6 tokens each for the really nice stuff. So it takes me about a week to learn how to make a new item.

I can pick up an extra token if I get my greedy little hands on a damaged necklace which starts a quest and will grant me a token on turning it in. I have never seen one of these drop myself. I have gotten one I found in the guild vault and Dellesia was nice enough to give me two she had and was saving for herself. These haven’t been a very reliable token source and I don’t think they were intended to be.

Basically the changes are for the better and I’m feeling more useful than ever! My skill is valued by my friends & my guild. I can even make some cash on the auction house when I have some spare baubles.

Now for my little gripe. The dragons eye. This little gem can only be purchased by jewelcrafters with jewelcrafting tokens.

This really wasn’t a problem until some recent recipe purchases I made. Namely the Titanium Spellshock Ring, Titanium Impact Band and Titanium Earthguard Ring. These puppies require 4 dragons eyes each and everyone wants them! What’s worse is I desperately want to make them for everyone and these dragons eyes are severely slowing down production!

Right now the choices are for my customer to purchase dragon eyes off the auction house (which I have strongly suggested they don’t do) or wait 4 days for me to earn enough tokens to buy the eyes so I can make their ring.

Dragons eyes on the AH go for hundreds to over a thousand gold a piece because of the rarity of only jewelcrafters able to obtain them. Frozen Orbs are more readily available than these gems! I don’t feel its worth my friends going broke to buy these gems and I always recommend they wait for me to buy them myself if they can.

I've only completed three rings so far. One of them was for myself. I think I deserved at least that much. I finished Keste’s ring this morning wiping out my token supply. At least the hubby is happy!

Now I have at least four others in line for a ring which equals sixteen dailies (minus any damaged necklaces I can find) to get all the gems. I’m tied up for over half a month in just making people rings!

I’m not complaining about having to make them. I’m pleased as punch that people want my sparklies. I just wish I could get it to them sooner!

The additional problem with having me use 4 tokens on gems for one ring is that it is also using up my currency to buy other new patterns. There is still one more ring and four epic necklaces I have yet to purchase that I’m certain will be highly desired.

I’ve gone from being nearly useless in burning crusade to having a back log of requests that I fear is taking too long to complete. I have tried to explain what the hold up is to those wanting items and I hope they understand the limitations I'm facing. On top of that it is hampering my ability to fill out my recipe book. All due to one silly little gem!

Looking long term I realize this will not be an issue forever. After a while everyone that wants my rings will get them and I can purchase the necklaces. After the necklace craze has died down I can continue to do the jewelcrafting daily to stock pile tokens for the express purpose of buying dragons eyes when needed. The crunch I’m feeling is only temporary. It just doesn’t make it less annoying.