Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prince and Netherspite Down!

Exciting news from last night's raid. My Karazhan raiding team took down Prince and Netherspite! We didn't even have any wipes which just makes me beam with pride.

We've killed Prince in the past but after some member swaps we started having problems with upper Kara and it's definately been a while since we've killed Prince. We were thrilled to see him fall.

Netherspite was a complete shock to me. The few other times we've attempted to kill Netherspite we've died pitifully. I personaly felt the fight was just too darn complex. All these portals and void zones and netherbreath and bleh. Our raid leader researched a new strategy to try. We attacked the fight in an organized fashion and killed him with ease. It was simply amazing. I couldn't be prouder of these people if I tried.

After killing Netherspite we wanted to at least see Nightbane. Unfortunately no one had his urn.

Since we had killed Prince and Netherspite in relatively quick fashion we had an hour and a half of raiding time left. We split our Kara team into two 5-mans and headed to Heroic Shattered Halls.

Thanks to Keste's heroic run for his epic flight form there were 4 of us who already had the Sethekk Hall's book and just needed to kill the first boss in Shattered Halls to get the urn.

We of course made it a competition. Which team could get the book first. I'm proud to say my team won but it wasn't by much. We also cheated a little since we had a rogue and didn't need to travel through the sewers.

We all got our Urns and returned to Karazhan to summon Nightbane. We didn't do to badly. First try with most of us not knowing anything about the fight and we had taken out about 30% of his health. Not bad for a first try.

Our team is truely pulling together to be very successful and we are so excited to start over and try to get there again this week.


Mae said...

That's awesome!! When we first started working on Netherspite, we wiped probably 100 times. Our raid leader tried it a hundred different ways and we just kept wiping. It was really miserable. Finally, we found something that worked and has been working since and we stuck to it. I'm sure you can imagine the relief we all felt when we finally got that sucker down! :D

gmazeroth said...

That's awesome. Our guild has two Kara teams. One team has done everything BUT Netherspite, and the other has yet to do Netherspite and Nightbane. I'm leading the raid this Friday, so I'm really interested in what you did that made Netherspite possible! I've been reading a lot about it, so I hope we can have a successful try at it.

Desdarii said...

It's hard to explain but here's the video the raid leader sent around for us to study.