Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Queen of the Ogres

Keste and I gathered some friends to help us with some difficult quests we had out in Blades Edge Mountains. One of these quests, Grim(oire) Business, actually required we had five people to summon the ogre. The circle was extremely scary looking and I was worried but we were well prepared and took care of Vim'gol the Vile quickly.

Next we headed to the north of the zone to summon Skulloc for Into the Soulgrinder. We had to fight many waves of ogres and could see his scary shadow forming behind us.

My fears were once again unfounded. We chose our companions well and were able to defeat him and his ogre buddies. We barely broke a sweat. I ran out of mana only because I kept using Arcane Explosion to remove the cluster of ogres that was gathering in the paladin's concecration.

After returning to Mog'dor with Skulloc's soul he made the announcement of me being the new Queen of the Ogres! Can you believe it? There was a huge gathering of Ogres. Dancing and drinking and everywhere I went they were kneeling and honoring me. I was a bit overwhelmed by it all but it was quite fun! I never would of counted on Ogres being allies but these guys aren't so bad.

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Mae said...

I really enjoyed that quest chain!! It was a pain getting my friends to help me, they'd already done it and most of them were exalted by the time I got around to it!! But, I batted my little gnome lashes and demanded to become the Queen of the Ogres so they helped me. lol.