Friday, September 19, 2008

Anna's Friday Five: Important Things

Anna gives us some interesting questions to try to answer in character each Friday and this week it is about a terrible storm making it's way to Azeroth. No doubt this is on Anna's mind with hurricane's ripping through her neighborhood. I'm praying for her, her husband and their kitties to recover from the disaster quickly. Hopefully they are all doing fine.

1 - Would your character leave or stay? Why or why not?
Desdarii would leave. Immediately. She has a limited amount of bravery as it is and battling mother nature is not something she would even consider an option.

2 - Where would they go (if they were leaving), or take shelter (if they were staying)?
She would most likely choose to hide out the storm as far as her portals would take her. Depending on where the storm was focused on, first choice would be back home in Exodar.

3 - How would they get there?
Desdarii is a mage! She easily slips in and out of the corners of Azeroth.

4 - If given 2 hours to pack, what would they bring with them of their current possessions?
I don't know if Desdarii would even focused on packing so much as gathering her friends and family so she could provide safe portals to wherever they were choosing to hide out. She might also be handing out bread and water for folks to pack up and take with them on their journey.

She would definitely crate up all her pets as you can't leave them behind. The base items for her professions like her pick, fishing pole, jewelers kit and grinding stone.

5 - What would they leave behind?
Anything that could be replaced. Spare robes, costumes, a wand she likes because it sparkles. They're just items and Desdarii always knows how to find more.

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