Sunday, September 14, 2008

Raiding to the Next Power

Maeleigh and her guild Summit were kind enough to allow Keste and I in on their Gruul's and Magtheridon run on Saturday. We gladly dropped everything for the chance to attend.

Gruul's lair we at least had a basic familiarity with. We hadn't actually made it to Gruul on our previous journey but we had studied up on it in anticipation of the fight. Summit did things slightly different which may be the main reason this was successful and our other attempts were not.

The first time we came face to face with Gruul I asked Keste, "What exactly is keeping him in this prison?"

After fighting I saw why. The beast grows huge! It's a wonder he even got in here in the first place!

Keste and I both walked out very happy with Keste getting new T4 shoulders, and I obtained T4 pants and Bloodmaw Magus-Blade.

After that we ran to Magtheridon's Lair which Keste and I had zero familiarity with. The raid leader was patient and explained what would happen in a way that made perfect sense. I felt very nervous before starting but it all went very smoothly. Keste got his T4 chest piece so he's now super tank! Well he's super tank to me.

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Mae said...

It was really nice to raid with y'all!! We had a good time and y'all got some awesome stuff. That sword you picked up was ever elusive to me as I never actually managed to pick it up! lol.

And, I think Keste is a great tank!! He picked up the spontaneously spawning adds on Lurker really, really well. It's easy for those adds to get away and pwn the healers standing around, or the melee dps. At one point, he picked up two of them and then jumped back in the water to tank Lurker. We had him alive till the darn spout!! :D

Perhaps y'all can come again sometime in the future.