Thursday, July 31, 2008

RP like Bear!

I just wanted to point out an excellent article posted by the Big Bear Butt relating Hamlet and roleplaying. Trust me, it really does make sense. Go read it.

I think the article describes perfectly where roleplayers fit into the world. Nothing annoys me more than reading someones bio where they are the long lost brother of Arthas. It only annoys me more when they don't make any sense with the lore like they are the illegitimate love child of Jaina and Thrall, a vampire and can fly.

We are not the heroes of the World of Warcraft. We are adventurers within it and truly do not control the outcome of anything. All we can do is play our parts and be the lead in our own story. Remember this when you develop your story and character's personality.


Pike said...

I liked that analogy a lot too-- that is really how I try to envision all my characters.

Cynra said...

The best way that I've managed to explain it is that roleplaying should be inclusive. In other words, share the stage, weave stories, and invite others to the fun. Trying to upstage your fellow roleplayers is just poor form and never any fun!