Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Polymorph Piggies!

I saw some other mages about with advanced polymorphing skills that include being able to turn enemies not just into sheep but pigs and also turtles! I did some research and discovered that Archmage Xylem up in the northern parts of Azshara held this knowledge.

I took some time out this weekend to travel to his tower and request training of this skill. He had a couple simple requests before he would share his skills. One of these tasks involved using my sheep spell on the naga around. After a few seconds of being forced into the form of a sheep they exploded into clones!

It was the cutest thing ever. Mini sheep were all over the place. I was supposed to dispatch the tiny sheep but I had fun playing with them before actually finishing the task and getting the pig polymorph knowlege.

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