Sunday, July 6, 2008

Continuing in Karazhan

Last night Keste and I continued in the upper halls of Karazhan with Geearthur and Team Banana. We were able to take care of the Curator with little problem and pushed on through the library. Those little mana eel like things that happen to be immune to all my spells proved to be quite a pain. I had to try to hit them with my staff and I'm afraid I looked most clumsy doing it.

Next we pushed on to the giant chess board for a game of wizard's chest. I was in control of a pawn and did my best but I do not think I assisted much. Luckily the Bananas were very skilled and were able to make up for my lack of skill and we completed the event.

To finish the evening we worked our way back to the Shade of Aran. We were all very tired at the point and took some time out for a quick nap at Aran's doorway. We wanted to make sure we were well rested and at our best!

Unfortunately our little break did not help us as the Shade got the better of us. We plan on taking a bit longer rest and come back on Monday. I am confident we will be victorious.

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