Monday, July 7, 2008

Feeling Pretty Heroic

Last night Keste pulled together a team of some of our favorite people (plus a shaman we just met) with the goal of trying to heroically plow our way through the Slave Pens. Our good friends Dalen and Dumadin answered our call.

The entrance to the Slave Pens was enough to scare the pants off of me. But the team needed my spells in order to make it through so I said a quick prayer to the Light and walked through holding my head high.

The entire trip went much better than I expected. Most of the issues we encountered was due to the Shaman who was not familiar with how we run. A few set backs here and there but we made it all the way through. I think all were happy to add some badges to their packs and the bog monster in the far back of the dungeon had many goodies in his pockets. I was really shocked how many items he had. Keste walked out with some very nice new pants.

The whole effort really invigorated our team and we discussed trying a new heroic dungeon this coming Tuesday. We most likely will replace the shaman. No slight to him but we'd really prefer to get another one of our guild mates in with us if possible.

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Pike said...

Congrats on your first Heroic! Slave Pens is a great learning place; Mech is another good one you might look into if you want some heroic-practice. =)