Thursday, July 10, 2008

What Big Claws You Have

Last night my friends and I started through Karazhan again. Even though we had killed all these ghosts last week, I found them here again! Which I guess makes sense. How do you kill a ghost anyway? So we started over from the entrance.

We were able to get all the way to the Opera event again and I was able to see a new show this time. We were faced with a harmless looking grandma but she turned into a very large wolf and started chasing us around. The wolf was very funny and I had to remember to focus on shooting him and not stop to listen to him.

Luckily he never chased me through the fight so I didn't get to see him up close. I walked up to inspect him after he was safely dispatched. He really does have big claws! Look at those things! They're almost as long as my arms!

As much as I am enjoying my new dungeon heavy schedule, I'm sort of glad that tonight I have the night free to goof around. I'm going to make a "me" day and maybe get my hair and nails done.

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