Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Because I Was Dared To

Running through Karazhan last night we reached the hallway where the Maiden is. Almost every time we enter this point my healing friend Rina asks, "What's down this other hallway?" The answer to this is usually something vague like "evil things".

Well this wasn't enough to satisfy my curiosity so I inched closer to Rina and whispered to her, "I dare you to go down there and look." She replied, "No you do it." So together we devised a plot where I would use my invisibility spell to disappear from the group and run down to investigate without alarming anyone. Then I could see what evil things lived down there with my own eyes. I readied my camera for Rina so we could both be satisfied.

Unfortunately my disappearance was noticed shortly after fading out. When questioned, Rina fessed up to our little plot but assured them I was invisible and should be quite safe.

Upon reaching the bottom of the long empty hall I spied the large animals flying around. I was all excited by the adventure and couldn't wait to return to the group so I yelled up the hallway, "BATS!" for Rina's benefit. Tevne decided to play a prank and yelled back that they were sound activated and were probably now after me. I didn't turn back to see if it was true. I just started running. My fear escalated by the shouts of my friends at the top of the hall yelling for me to "RUN!" When I got to the top I see they were all just teasing me but now we know what's down that hallway and it's thanks to my bravery! I'm pretty proud of myself.

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