Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Caught an Opera Tonight

Tonight good Sir Geearthur invited me along to Karazhan again. I was more than happy to attend. Keste was able to join after the Moroes fight due to our rogue having to leave. We were both so elated to be able to be in Karazhan at the same time.

Team Banana seems to have grown together and are working together much more effectively since I last joined them. We were able to handle the Maiden without any problems this time around. I was so excited to see what was next.

I know Karazhan is old news to many of my friends but I can't help but be in awe of this dungeon. The Opera event is the most amazing thing I have seen thus far. We had Romulo and Julianne for our show and were able to bring down the house so to speak. Ok, so that's a bad pun but I cannot describe how excited I was to experience this. The entire event was a real production! The added bonus of doing it with such wonderful friends, not to mention my loving husband, made it an evening to remember. Luckily I had done my homework and advanced reading of this particular event so I was able to jump in after snapping out of my original gawking mode.

It was a very fruitful evening for me as well. I walked out of the dungeon with Grasp of the Dead as well as the Boots of Foretelling. I am so pleased with how well everything has been going for me. Gee says they are continuing Karazhan on Saturday. I hope they are still in need of a mage and her furry hubby companion.


Spicytuna said...

Ooh yay Frosty loots! Grats!

I think Blizz did an awesome job with the Opera Event. It gave a nice change in pace for the instance with the different bosses you could get everyweek. Made running Kara less boring after it has been on farm.

Pike said...

I love Karazhan!

Even if it is "old news"... it definitely has a very "epic" feel to it!