Friday, July 11, 2008

Jewelcrafting Successes

It was a very long and expensive road but my quest to gain knowledge and skill in the art of jewelcrafting has finally been accomplished. I was quite often frustrated in the stops I ran along the way. The halts were mainly due to me not having the right materials to properly practice my skills and this I'm sure it purely my fault. I really stumbled and bumbled my way through it. I didn't go out specifically searching for the gems I needed.

There is a part of me that is drawn to the precision and skill needed to create a perfect sparkly gem. But then there is also the part of me that says, "It is too time consuming, just put it aside and we'll get back to it". Unfortunately, I feel I chose to put it a side more often than I should have.

I decided to correct that and spent some long hours perfecting this craft I have chosen. It has paid off as all the books I've read and jewelcraft masters I have met tell me there is no more for me to learn.

However, it isn't really over. Just the working of my skill is complete. There is still much to learn. Many patterns to find. I purchased quite a few from the Shattered Sun Offensive but I did not have enough gold for all the patterns. I will have to buy them when I have the money as I go along. From my research atop the Aldor tower, I read that many recipes have been lost in dungeons or around the world. I will have to make an effort to search for these

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