Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Good Day for Desdarii

Another trip to Karazhan has decided to shower me with gifts. This place isn't only beautiful and fun, it's full of mage goodies!

We were back to the front gate as all the ghosts we previously dispatched had found their way back to Karazhan to haunt and roam. Once again were able to take care of all of the specters up to the Opera event. We seem to be on a fairly steady weekly schedule with the lower story of Karazhan.

This week I was able to pick up the Brooch of Unquenchable Fury from Moroes. I wonder how many of these he has? Cyllinth was lucky enough to pick up this accessory last week. I didn't spend too much time thinking on it as it is a considerable upgrade for me. I happily raised my hand for the needed upgrade and it was passed to me.

This week in the opera hall we got to witness the Wizard of Oz showing. I believe this my favorite part of Karazhan. There's something so grand with the idea of witnessing and participating in a play. Even if our "participation" is just to slay the players. The acting is top notch and sometimes funny. With the witnessing of Oz, I've now seen all the plays the hall performs.

I was pretty nervous about this event as it looked like a lot of people to be fighting at once. Our priestess Odila was kind enough to whisper to me the ins and outs of the fight and what spells I should be using against each character. I am indebted to her as I think I did very well in assisting with this fight.

As a reward I was given the Wicked Witch's Hat. It's an actual pointy witch hat and even matches my tunic perfectly! I love pointy hats. They somehow make me feel more magey.

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