Thursday, July 17, 2008

Player Event Tips: Top Five Event Don’ts

Now I am all for spur of the moment parties where people show up and mingle and have fun. Invite me to events like that anytime. What tends to annoy me is when I attend something supposedly pre-planned only to find when I get there it’s an organization nightmare.

Here are my top five event don’ts.

  1. Don’t try to remotely host your event. If you want people to take their time to attend your event, at least extend the courtesy of being there. It may mean you have to miss some great dungeon run but there will be other runs and this is a special event created by you!
  2. Don’t change the rules during the event. The rules you made up should cover all your bases. If something doesn't work during the event resist changing things (if possible). You should have explained the rules ahead of time and changing just invites criticism of favoritism.
  3. Don’t flip the date and time all over. Once you’re committed to doing an event set a date and time and stick to it. If you cannot attend yourself, postpone for a better date. Otherwise keep a good date and time that works for most people. Don’t change because your paladin buddy can’t make it and inconvenience 10 other people. People want to come to your party. Don’t make it difficult or confusing on when it is!
  4. Don’t micro-manage. Allow the attendants to take the event where they want to. So long as they aren't being disruptive to the event as whole, let them play and have fun! That’s what you invited them out for!
  5. Don’t try to wing it. Some events allow you to just show up and mull about but if you are hosting an interactive or scripted event don’t think you can just make it up as you go. Certainly you can try, and it may be a success but your audience will enjoy a well planned and organized event more. Do your research and plan ahead of time.

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