Monday, July 7, 2008

Blizzard Authenticator Shipping Refund

Last week, I was one of the lucky ones that was able to order a Blizzard Authenticator for my husband and myself. They have since sold out so I'm very happy that we were able to get our order in. They haven't arrived yet, I'm suspecting today or tomorrow, but I thought I'd share this little tidbit.

I read from the Big Bear Butt that ground shipping was free. I did not experience that however as I was charged $2.30 for shipping and handling of my two authenticators. I didn't sweat it, figured the extra dollar and change per thingy was still pretty cheap for the extra security to our accounts.

Today I got an email from my credit card that Blizzard has credited me back the $2.30 shipping so it had to be some sort of accident that I was charged. Like I said, I wasn't upset over the couple bucks but it's nice to see it refunded just the same.

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