Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Catching Up

I've been a bit neglectful in my writing of late. I will catch you up with everything I've been up to in a quick-like fashion.

Friday - Gruul's Lair

There wasn't any plans. Keste and I were going to attempt to get our heroics team together and attempt a new dungeon when across the Guild channel a call for Gruul's Lair sounded. I didn't quite believe I was skilled enough for such a formidable dungeon but I was more than willing to throw my all into an attempt. We were able to fill most of the team up with guildmates and guild alliance friends. The others we picked up and filled in.

I wish I could tell you all about our heroic stomping through Gruul's Lair and how we came out victorious, but I cannot. We made it to High Kin Maulgar easily enough but were not strong enough to overcome such a large group of fiends. Keste seemed a little frustrated with the entire event but I was excited to just be trying something new. There are plans to try again sometime in the future and with Dineh leading the charge, I'm sure we'll break through.

Saturday - Skirmishes and Karazhanot

I worked most of the day completing any and all chores I could to keep my bank account growing despite the raiding I am doing. I then offered my services to the Silverwing Sentinals in Warsong to try to earn myself some marks of honor for my deeds. This proved to be a worthwhile project as painful as it seemed at the time. Although I walked out of the gulch battered and bloodied, I had shiny new Vindicator's Silk Cuffs to make it seem all better.

I then fished and cooked extra food to hand out for the Karazhan raid scheduled for later that day. Unforuntately too many people were away and the assault on upper Karazhan was postponed until Monday.

Sunday - ?

I honestly do not recall anything I did this day. I must be careful I'm not forgetting days or perhaps there is some plot to drug me into not remembering. Either way, Sunday was a bit of a blur...

Monday - Karazhan

Monday Geearthur's team resumed it's fight through the upper corridors of Karazhan. We were able to take down the Curator and finish another game of Chess. I'm proud to say that this time around, I really understood the whole Chess event better. I didn't stand there for several minutes trying to figure out how to control my pawn. I even jumped on a healer and assisted the King this time around!

Was a good time but once again the Prince defeated us. I dislike him very much and will be extremely happy when I see his corpse littering the floor. A tad violent maybe. But I don't doubt you might feel the same.

Oh and I also got myself a new staff! The Staff of Infinite Mysteries. Sounds pretty neat doesn't it? It looks pretty neat as well. My task for tonight is try to gather the materials required to get enchantments added to it.

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