Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another in Our Heroic Tour

Keste called us all together again for another romp through a heroic level dungeon. Dalen and Dumadin were happy to join Keste and I again as we made plans to crawl our way through Underbog. We picked up a paladin to fill out our group.

This run through seemed, at least to me, to be slightly easier than the Slave Pens but it was still significantly difficult. It would only take a small mistake to spell disaster. We had particular problems with Swamplord Musel'ek. It took us several attempts before we were able to defeat him and his feral druid pet.

I spoke with the druid, Claw, after the encounter and the poor fellow was so embarrassed over having been tamed by Musel'ek he didn't even want our assistance getting out of the Underbog. I think Keste understood his shame and asked that we leave him alone and press on.

Then we were facing the Black Stalker. What a bugger of a spore walker this fellow turned out to be. The Black Stalker wasn't so much a problem as his friends that came to his aid spitting lightening bolts. This also took us several attempts but our group was coordinated and intelligent and we were able to create a strategy that worked for us.

More badges and a couple upgrades for my friends. We are really doing well and are encouraged to continue. First we need to work on our standings with the other areas to obtain heroic keys for some of our folks. We agreed to meet up again on Friday to work on these reputations.

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Kestrel said...

Congratulations! Surprisingly, I did my first heroic UB only last week, and really enjoyed it. I've always liked the Underbog, and beating it on Heroic felt really good. So now the only heroics I have yet to successfully complete are Shadow Lab and Auchenai Crypts.

Continued good luck on your "tour"!