Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Can't Get Us! We're Safe!

Last night my guild mates Stropothrina, Keste, and Cyllinth along with our dear friend Dumadin wandered into Shattered Halls to see what we could see. Most of us had never ventured into the halls and were experiencing everything for the first time.

As it happened we had a fairly easy time making our way through the dungeon. We started slipping out of the "always on edge" reactionary fighting attitude to one of an outing with friends. Seems a little silly to think of raiding a dungeon this way but it helps me feel more at ease.

During one of the fights Dumadin was experiencing some sort of troubles. His reaction times were slowed to a crawl and he claimed to be effected with some sort of ailment called "Lag". I don't know what that is, but I hope it's not contagious! I was standing right next to him!

Because of Dumadin's difficulties I yelled to all the orcs, "TIME OUT!" Rina thought this was very funny and we started discussing how it would be great to play a game like tag with the orcs. How we could call "Time Out" if we needed it and how we could run to an object to be "Safe" so they couldn't tag us. We decided barrels inside the dungeon were considered "Safe". It proved to be a good choice as they were placed throughout the dungeon.

Before we faced the Warchief Kargath Bladefist, Cyllinth sort of faded away. We waited to see if she returned but she did not. I hope that is not an extreme case of "Lag". Again, I was standing next to her! While we waited for Cyllinth, Rina and I hopped up on the final barrel for a photo opportunity. When Cyllinth couldn't return to us, we called in Aloenus to come and assist us with fighting the Warchief.

Overall I'd say I had a very productive and fun evening!

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