Friday, July 4, 2008

Old World Fun

There has been talk in the guild about possibly taking a stab at some of the high end dungeons on Azeroth. Places that are now rarely visited like Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair. Keste decided to prepare ourselves for such a task by getting all the necessary attunements.

We invited Geearthur along and we had a lot of fun running amok inside of Black Rock Depths. This photo is of Gee grabbing the attention of as many of the dwarves as he could before Keste and I helped dispatch them. I thought it was great fun!

While in Black Rock Depths we all finished the attunement to Molten Core so that was quickly checked off the list. Keste and I also helped rescue the Marshal Reginald Windsor from his prison. We then met him in Stormwind and unmasked Lady Katrana Prestor for what she truely is.

Before we ventured into the Lower Black Rock Spires, I stopped and spoke with Kibler about the exotic pets he would help me obtain. I could get a spider or... a worg! I love Silvers very much but I believe I'm more of a dog person and would much prefer having a puppy following me around. Who wouldn't? Dogs are such wonderful creatures. So I took the empty worg cage and followed Keste into the Lower Spires.

Keste was there trying to obtain his key to the Upper Black Rock Spires. We accomplished his goal and I walked out with a caged worg pup and enough eggs for a smolderweb hatchling. I've decided to name the pup, Oscar. He just looks like an Oscar to me. The hatchling probably will not get a lot of play time, but I may pull him out during Hallow's End.

So at the end of the day, Keste and I are ready for Molten Core, we are one Upper Spires crawl away from our key to Onyxia and Black Wing Lair. It's funny because we were putting these tasks off because we thought they were a tad boring but I had quite a bit of fun!

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