Saturday, August 2, 2008

Goldy Reports: Wees to the Rescue

Hello! Goldy here your friendly dwarf priestess to relate an adventure I embarked upon last night.

Our leader, Lord Gwydion, had some reason to fear for his safety and a secret service force was hired for him known as the "Wees". They are all deadly little gnome assassins with the singular mission to protect Lord Gwydion from misfortune. It seems this precaution was well founded by the events I participated in last night.

There was a breach in security as last night Lord Gwydion was abducted from our halls. Geearthur received a note that he was being held by the vicious Edwin VanCleef deep in the Deadmines. The Wees were contacted to plan the rescue mission. Additional assistance was requested so I offered my healing skills to help save the master of Thalanaar.

We split into 3 teams, each with a Wee leading the pack and split up inside the mines to try and find where Gwydion was being held. My group of Weearthur and Amorenna were the lucky ones to find Gwydion and help free him from VanCleef.

The story does not stop there though. Gwydion described to us further evil plots he overheard whilst imprisoned. It seems Stormwind is in great danger. We will all be needed to help save the city and its inhabitants.

Was a very exciting evening and I have already signed up my healing services for further adventures with the Wees.

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