Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Say My Name!

Lately I've run into some people pronouncing my name incorrectly. I realize my name may be odd for those not used to Draenei culture but it seems even after helping them with the pronunciation, they continue to say it wrong.

Most commonly I've been called Des-dree or Des-dar-eye. The correct pronunciation of my name is: des-DAR-ee. Or you can just call me Des for short.

Keste is falling victim to this sort of name abuse as well. Keste has mostly heard, Kesty. His name is really just pronounced, Kest (the last e is silent).

I don't get too upset by the name calling. I realize foreign names can be difficult at times. I'm sure I've misspoke many times myself. So long as I realize they are speaking to me I typically just shrug it off and respond to whatever they decide to call me. This is not an excuse to call me nasty names and expect me to respond! *smiles*

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Aurdon said...

My guild leader often inserts another syllable when he says my name.

Sometimes says "Aura-Dawn" instead of just "Aur-don" which is how I've always said it (in my head anyway).