Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goldy Reports: Stormwind

Good day! Goldy here reporting from the hustle and bustle of Stormwind City! We have quite a bit going on in this booming metropolis that you should be aware of.

In the canal district, between the Park and Cathedral Square you'll see a lot of scaffolding and cranes erected near the back wall of the city. I had the privilege of speaking with Foreman Wick who had this to say, "We're building another road down into Stormwind Harbor as soon as this wall has been removed." As to why the city streets are extending down to the harbor, he wouldn't say.

There are rumors of a new shipping trade or even passenger ships that will be arriving at the harbor and so the new road is needed for ease of passage. This little dwarf is really not super hot on the idea of having more trips across the sea (I tend to get completely smashed before the boat sets sail and then feel sick from all the ale sloshing around in me belly). I will keep on this story so I may report any new developments in reasons for this new passageway.

You may wonder how are they planning on tearing down this wall? With dynamite of course. Quite a bit of dynamite, in fact. When asked about it Mason Goldgild commented, "I've been sappin' since [Foreman Wick] was in diapers". I'm not sure that really makes me feel any better. The entire dock is stuffed with barrels of the dangerous explosives. There are even boat fulls of it sitting in the water. Lets hope they are tied up properly to prevent them floating further down the canal.

One question no one seems to be answering is what this means for the giant albino crocolisk that lives in these canals. Some local boys tipped me in on the "Sewer Beast" and the legends that surround it. I seriously doubt this poor creature's welfare is being considered in this demolition project. I'm sure the Night Elfy activist types may have something to say about this animal mistreatment.

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