Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Silvers the Tabby

I wanted to take the time to write a little about my tiny feline companion, Silvers. The story of how Silvers became my pet is a tad unusual.

I wasn't looking for a pet, I had Keste and he's good for a few cuddly forms of his own. Keste and I were younger and had just arrived in Darkshire looking for some work. We were just sort of standing around in the town square and getting our bearings before finding the nearest inn to rent a room.

It was then that I was approached by a dwarf and I do so wish I could remember his name. As I recall the dwarf did not say much or maybe not even anything to me. He simply approached me and put a crate that contained a small silver tabby in my arms.

I was a tad stunned and not knowing much about dwarves thought I was misunderstanding some foreign custom. I asked if the kitten was for me and he replied that it was. I can only assume it was originally to be his companion but could no longer properly care for it because after confirming that he was in fact giving me a kitten he also handed me a gold piece to help pay for it's care and feeding.

I took the tabby out of her crate and named her Silvers for her coloring. I have since picked up various other animals that I keep as pets. Some much more exotic than an ordinary cat. But I'd have to say that Silvers is far and away my favorite. It probably has to do with the event surrounding how I obtained her. It's made her very memorable and special to me.

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