Thursday, December 4, 2008

Evil Costly Things

I believe that some things Blizzard put in the game just to keep my gold funds down. I know it sounds a little paranoid but talking about silly little things that most people will not purchase. They're seen as roleplay items or to some folks as just junk. However a person like me is likely to spend all of their cash just to have it. It seems like Wrath is just full of these little goofy extras that just make my eyes widen and my pocketbook empty automatically.

A perfect example of this silliness would be the opening of the barbershops. I'm sure that when they arrived many people went and tried it out just to see what it's all about. I'm also fairly certain that the majority of those folks have not returned. I've changed my hair on Desdarii no less than three times already and every so often I stop in to try on new horns but I haven't made the leap yet. I sort of like the horns I currently have.

That's not to mention the toy trains, fetch balls, chocolate celebration cake or other million little items you can purchase just for the fun of having them. These little things are added seemingly for my enjoyment and make me very happy. I'm more than willing to throw gold at any (OK all) of these play items. I think it makes things fun!

Mages have their own special set of cosmetic enhancements that I am currently fighting with myself about emptying my coffers for. They are just for looks and will not enhance my abilities in the least which will make most mages skip them. Somehow I can't help but really want them! The problem I'm facing is that buying them will make me dead broke. I blame my lack of funds on the "stinker" project.

Because I was uncertain of the cost of my spells and level limitations I have so far avoided these temptations. Now that I am 80 I am finding very little reason not to just go for broke (so to speak) and get them just to have them.

The items in question:
These items are tied to the Kirin Tor faction so if I wait until I get better reputation I will get a discount on them. The problem is that I'm horrible at waiting. It's a dilemma for me but one that most mages could care less about. I am honored so far and I want to buy at least one of them now. But which!? UGH!

The only downside I can see for possessing the Dalaran flavored buffs rather than the plain ol' arcane buffs is the slight learning process that will annoy you. There's always that person shouting "I DON'T HAVE MY INTELLECT BUFF!" anyway and having the icon change on them could just further confuse them. Training the populace on your special different looking buff from the majority of the mages in the world could be tiring. Maybe I can convince other Blackwater Raider mages to hop on board the Dalaran buff movement? What about it Mae? /giggle

Apart from that one downside I will suspect I will purchase it anyway and just get used to explaining the different icon. Maybe I'll make a macro explaining it. That could work.

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