Monday, December 1, 2008

Assault on the Wrath Gate

Warning: This post contains spoilers for those who have not yet completed the Wrath Gate quests in Dragonblight. Please continue reading and viewing the video below only if you wish. I'm not too detailed but the video is a large spoiler if you have not yet seen it and I highly recommend doing this quest chain yourself!

Angrathar the Wrath Gate is located in northwest Dragonblight. Keste and I participated in a truly epic battle following Highlord Bolvar Fordragon into calling out the Lich King himself. The outcome was just too horrible to mention. I'm still terribly upset by the events that unfolded when the dust settled on the battlefield.

I'll speak of it no further.

After all was over I was sent to see King Varian Wrynn in Stormwind. I was surprised to see one of my personal heroes there as well, Jaina Proudmoore. King Varian sent Jaina and I to Ogrimmar to speak with Horde leaders about what transpired in the assault on the Wrath Gate. I have to say it was very unsettling to be in Ogrimmar. I tried very hard to not visibly shake seeing Thrall himself face to face.

When we returned to Stormwind King Varian instructed me to meet up with others outside of Undercity sewers and follow him on a mission. Fighting beside the King of Stormwind and Lady Proudmoore both was such an honor! I hope I did not make too big a fool of myself.

Now that it is all over I need to take some time to reflect on all these events and what it will mean for the alliance going forward. The outcome of the assault on the Wrath Gate will have a deep impact on the Alliance. King Varian certainly dislikes the Horde a great deal and does not trust them one bit.

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