Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Aratria is 72

I played Aratria in my off time this weekend. Mostly when folks didn’t want to do heroics and after I completed my dailies. I didn’t attend the Naxxramus raid so I got a lot of playtime during that. As a result I was able to level her up to 72. She’s about half way to 73. Sure I’m not the fastest leveler but I’m getting there!

It’s really odd. Things feel like they’re going much faster than with Desdarii it’s just not appearing like it’s going faster. It feels faster because I’m not reading all the quests this time around. I’m more just rushing to where I get the whatever and bring it back. It’s not appearing any faster though because although I’m just smashing through quests as fast as I can go, I’m still only 72!

I’m not questing in a pair with my hubby like usual which I can’t seem to figure out is slowing me down or speeding things up. I think for the most part questing as a couple makes things go faster. Questing with 2 or more only is a pain in the tush when each of you needs to collect 15 things and so you’re stuck killing 300 monsters trying to get everyone set. Kill quests or quests that rewards the group for completion is king when questing together!

Aratria did try a run of the Nexus this weekend. It didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped. We ended up dying so often we gave up when the dungeon respawned.

The healer was too high for the dungeon and kept getting agro (Although what was she to do? Stop healing? I hope not!). The tank was a death knight whose primary character was a mage. He wasn’t a bad tank. He just needs more practice, I think. He was too focused on the kill order and adds kept breaking lose and hurting everyone which just caused more healy agro issues. It’s a magey thing to be sure. You tell us to kill skull then (apart from any sheeping assignments) we’re spamming bolts until skull is dead. The rest of the mobs be damned! He’ll figure it out.

Aratria’s completed the achievement for Fjord quests and has moved into Dragonblight. Let’s hope I keep creeping ever closer to be helpful to my friends as a healer.

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