Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Classes I Can't Play

I read Euripedies post on “Lesser Classes” (his words, not mine) over on CriticalQQ and found it fun and a nice little post that really spoke of Euripedies the person more than the classes he was describing. It’s interesting how one person can get hooked on certain classes and yet completely fail at others.

It’s good to know your strengths and weaknesses. While I’m sure there are some hardcore (or just arrogant) folks out there that can claim to be awesome at every class, the majority of us have a niche. It makes it feel like Blizzard made the character for you. You understand its role, and you can execute these roles without problems.

There was a guy Keste and I used to play with who is a super nice person, but made me want to tear my hair out whenever I tried grouping with him. He rolled a paladin and was just so horrible at it that to bring him along just felt like a wasted group slot. We always did bring him though since he was a good friend and we did like him. He was just a really bad paladin. One day he put aside the paladin and tried a rogue. It was like night and day. He didn’t get the paladin but the rogue just clicked with him. He was good at it and we went from groaning at having him along to being content and able to count on him to do what rogues do. It was wonderful.

I’ve had similar hit or miss classes in my own experience where playing it I can just feel that I’m doing horribly. Either that or I just dislike the class so much that I quit out of irritation before I can become that dead weight in someone’s group.

Classes I’ve tried and really enjoyed would be: druids (resto and boomkin), priests (holy and shadow), warlocks and mages. Not only do I enjoy them I seem to feel a competency with being able to play them fairly well. Do you see what all these have in common?

I know my weakness lies in any class that has to melee. I think I’m just inherently lazy and the thought of having to chase around a monster just to keep hurting him is dumb. Let me stand back and hurt him no matter where he chooses to run. In fact, Keste has many occasions heard me moan about a monster forcing me to move because of line of sight or just going out of range. I don’t move much and don’t like it when forced to move. It’s also probably why I stink so badly at pvp!

Classes I consider myself a complete failure in would be paladins, shaman, & rogues.

I think I got a paladin once to level 6 and then gave up. I just didn’t get it and didn’t have any interest in figuring it out. I think I deleted that character. It didn’t even get demoted to a bank alt.

I had a 29 shaman that I built for a twink Warsong Gulch group once. I barely made it to level 29 and complained every step of the way. I also ended up being pretty horrible at it because they asked me to roll a druid later. For some reason, I’m just enthralled with Shaman though. I absolutely love having one and their delicious mana totems in my group. Of all the classes I wish I could learn to play better, this would be the one. I have a level 9 on the server that I go to every once in a while thinking, “maybe I can do it today”. I always log off in defeat.

I’m just not stealthy enough for rogues. I’ve gotten one to level 35 or so but sneak is so slow and I’m impatient. I ended up dead a lot which put her on the shelf soon afterwards. The funny thing is that the first character I ever made in an MMO was a rogue. I would be the first to admit that my Everquest rogue was pretty much the worst rogue on the server though. I think her alcohol tolerance was higher than her back stab skill.

Classes I’ve never even attempted would be warrior and hunter. Just never actually had the urge to try them out. Hunter probably just because there are enough in the world already. Warrior because it just seems a little boring to me. Plus the building yourself for the purpose of being beat on just doesn’t seem very intelligent. I’ve also have not rolled a death knight, yet. I probably will some day to see the story line but I doubt I’ll be playing it.

I'm certain I've found where I belong amongst the casters of Azeroth. I don't mind if I'm throwing fireballs or heals so long as I'm safely back away from danger.


Arrens said...

DPS is my bread and butter. Doesn't much matter the class, though rogue and warlock are my two favorites. Ask me to heal or tank? Forget it. You're in for a wipefest of legendary epicness.

Mae said...

I'm like you, I play the casters really well!! My strength is in caster dps, whether than be Majesty or Mae, but I fail hard at the melee dps classes and at tanking. I have a level 67 warrior I love, but I'm terrible at being melee, so I have to love her enough that I don't mind sucking. lol.

krizzlybear said...

A few melee classes you might like may include Death Knight and Enhancement Shaman.

Death Knights are as ezmode as they say, and for a lazy mover like yourself, you can always deathgrip the enemy to you, rather than have to move to him.

Shaman have a few ranged abilities from the Elemental school that you can use when you feel like you don't want to pursue your target if it tries to run away.

SeaRaptor said...


Leveling a shaman up to about 30 is tough. Once you hit 30, it's a breeze. If you ever want some tips or help understanding or learning more about the class, let me know. I've leveled 3 different shaman to 60 or higher (2 Horde, 1 Alliance).


Desdarii said...

I think you just make it look easy Earynn! :D Thanks though I may bug you on my little shaman in the future.