Sunday, November 30, 2008


I've been stuck at 49 noncombat pets since receiving Bananas and it was really bothering me. However, it was not bothering me enough to spend the ridiculous sum of 2,500 gold to purchase one of the whelplings I do not own from the auction house. My choices were limited. I still am unsuccessful in obtaining the rat from the Dalaran sewers. I resigned to the fact that I would have to wait until I could obtain pengu.

Keste once again jumped to my rescue and contacted our good friend Dumadin to use his engineering skills to build me a tranquil mechanical yeti. Keste helped gather all the materials and Dumie built it for me. Keste delivered the yeti to me this afternoon.

Immediately upon training the yeti I had a rather smelly package in the mailbox from none other than Breanni. I was also recognized for another achievement.

Breanni had sent me my very own pet skunk named "Stinker"! I had Keste pose in the picture with me since he was such an instrumental part of this victory of mine. Isn't stinker so cute? You get used to the smell after a while.

With so many pets now it's really difficult to choose which one I want to tag along behind me. I was joking how I wish I could have all 51 of my companions chase after me everywhere I went. Keste wasn't too keen on the idea.


Mae said...

Congrats on the sweet (ha!) little pet! He is super adorable!!

Keste said...

I have to admit, Duma did most of the material gathering! Thanks again Dumadin!