Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Awww Baby Cows!

I've told my story before of my Blood Elf Priestess who I RP'd as having an unexplainable hatred of Tauren. Well today in the mail, Ruebella from my old Horde guild emailed the following message with the attached photo.
Golds -
Can you still hate Cows after seeing the baby cow?

Honestly, no I can't. Look at that little adorable baby cow!

I haven't figured out where she found it yet but Rue found a little orphanage with 8 orphaned baby tauren and a lady walking around feeding them a bottle. I've asked her where it is so I can visit the baby cows, too. I'll report back when I find out!


Mae said...

Aww!! He's so cute! He's like a kitten, adorable when he's a baby but someday he's going to grow into a cat... or in this case a full grown Tauren, and then maybe not be so cute. lol.

Desdarii said...

The baby cows can be found inside Agmars Hammer. It's a horde encampment in Dragonblight.

I wonder if I can sneak in there somehow?