Monday, December 22, 2008


Last night I was lucky enough to attend a 10 man Naxxramus run with my guild. I had originally signed up to join the raid but when they had more DPS than positions available I dropped out to allow others to go. Unfortunately Gwydion ended up having to work and he was nice enough to offer me the position he was to fill.

We were heading into the Arachnid Quarter which was pretty much as close to a nightmare as you can get for poor Desdarii. She’s terrified of spiders. She put on her brave face and Mags kept his rolled up newspaper near by to swat them away.

I thought the dungeon was extremely difficult. We wiped four times just getting through the trash mob spiders. I knew raiding was for the prepared and intelligent player but SHEESH this is difficult. We some how made it to the first boss, Anub’Rekhan, and gawked at his impressive amount of hit points. We then stared ominously at his two guards on either side of him.

Wait a minute… two guards?

DOH! We’ve been doing the 25 man Naxxramus with 10 people!

Oh we all had a good laugh about that and teased poor Rina for the oversight. After we made this discovery we did feel much better about ourselves. Our difficulties getting this far now seemed like some sort of heroic victory having done it with less than half the suggested number of people.

Since we had earned our way to Anub’Rekhan we thought it a shame to not at least go and poke him with a large stick and see what happens. We had almost killed one of the guards when our tanks went splat which of course caused everyone else to quickly fall to the floor afterwards.

Before entering again, we decided to try the 10 man version instead. After our first run through it seemed like easy mode! Keste cracked me up with “Lets get going folks, I’m used to doing this on Heroic”.

We were able to destroy Anub’Rekhan and I got myself my second wrath epic; the Agonal Sash. Pretty, isn’t it! We also were able to defeat the Grand Widow Faerlina which was exciting.

We had some issues with Maexxna, though. From all the guides we looked through we were doing things right and got it down to 2% but couldn’t close the deal. We had to stop due to time but we’re close. They did kill it last week so maybe I’m just a bad luck charm.

Anyway that’s my first experience with Wrath raiding. I’ll be working on making myself some upgrades and hope it helps next time.

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Mae said...

Congrats on the nice belt!! I admit, I laughed out loud when I read that y'all had it accidentally on heroic!! Then, I read it to Loveth and he did too. You guys are so much braver than I would have been, poking him knowing it was on heroic with only 10! :D