Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sons of Hodir Dailies

Why you should be working on this reputation?

Shoulder Enchants and it’s the only place to get ‘em.

There is a friggin’ long quest chain before you can even start doing dailies with the Sons of Hodir. It starts with “They Took Our Men” in K3, Storm Peaks. We are talking epic quest chain here. I don't believe it was too horrible. I was amazed that the quests kept coming and they were different types of quests not a bunch of Fed Ex or "kill this" quests. There were some that took me a bit to even figure out what I was supposed to do.

So if you haven’t already, get started on the chain because you have to grind this rep with dailies only. There is no tabard to champion these folks with. When done with the quest chain you will have 3 dailies to start out with:

They are all relatively close together so it's really nice. The Kalu'ak was all spread out over Northrend which I found a bit annoying. You can get them all done in short order.

There is also Remember Everfrost! which is sort of like the Netherwing Eggs. They can be found on the ground in the areas where you are doing the other quests. The main locations reported for finding these are Valley of Ancient Winters, Thunderfall, and Fjorns Anvil. Turning it in will gain you 350 faction and can be turned in for as many Everfrost Chips you find. Finding the first one will give you the quest.

These quests are all you get until you reach honored status with the Sons of Hodir. Then 2 more quests open up.

At revered you get a final quest to help you finish up this faction.

This grind will most likely take some time so start early so you can get your shoulders all enchanted up! I started on this last weekend so I'm not to far on this journey but I'm glad I found out about it now rather than learning later that I'm so far behind with this!

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