Friday, December 12, 2008

Secret Druid Revealed!

Not that I kept her super duper secret to begin with but I'm ready to give up and just play my druid with the masses. The more I played her the more of my friends discovered who I was anyway. But let's make it official.

Everyone meet Aratria.
Pronunciation: ah-RAH-tree-ah
Current Level: 70
Specced: Balance (to go Resto at later date)
Professions: Herbalism & Alchemy

I've gone ahead and joined Turus Thalanaar with the rest of my toons since there's really just no better place to be. She was brought to Dalaran by none other than the amazing Firefizzle and Lord Gwydion himself gave her a tour of Dalaran and helped her get situated.


I do not have a story developed for Aratria at this time. She was on a PvP server for a long time and only RP'd ... well pretty much with the NPC's in town. It wouldn't stop her from trying with others but she generally got as much a response as the NPC's.

Aratria is actually the first character I had ever made in World of Warcraft and the first character I had ever gotten to level 60. As such I have a special love for this character. She was made back on launch day 2004 on Arthas (PvP) with the name "Goldy" as it is a typical name I game with. Our guild later moved to Nathrezim (PvP) and I moved her to be with them. I moved her to Blackwater Raiders sometime last month. Since I already have a Goldy on the server I of course had to rename her and I selected Aratria, which in Elvin means Golden Dancer. The name doesn't have anything with naked mailbox dancing. It's sort of an homage to a character I had in a previous game.

Aratria's roots are in old world druid healing. Back in the days when a druid who wasn't restoration was doing it wrong. She's seen the killing of Onyxia, visited with Ragnaros in Molten Core and has peeked her head inside of Black Wing Lair. This all back when these things were considered amazing feats. She quit raiding shortly after starting BWL because the 40 man raiding just wasn't for her.

I had leveled her to 60 as restoration and had never once respecced. It had been a tough road as restoration even though I was rarely alone. I decided to go with Balance for 60+ to make things quicker for my solo grind. I first tried feral but I really just don't like being that close to my enemies. Boomkin was closer to Desdarii's play style so I adapted to it much easier.


For Aratria's personality she's pretty reserved and polite until you get to know her or she has decided for you that you two are friends (which she will do sometimes). Then you'll wish she had an off switch. She lives simply and doesn't often ask for help or objects.

Being a druid Aratria is much more comfortable outdoors than in a city. She loves picking herbs just for the gathering of them even though she is a skilled alchemist. If you are out questing with her and find her missing, it's safe to assume she's found a pretty flower to collect somewhere. Either that or she's found some little corner to admire as she has a large dose of wanderlust.

She's also a bit of a softy when it comes to having to harm others which is why she prefers healing to killing. Also don't be surprised if you can't find her anywhere near you if you bite off more than you can chew. She's a runner and her drive for self preservation is strong. In time you'll come to appreciate this when she does return to revive you back to life.

So there you are, my latest project that I will be playing probably mostly on off hours or slow days when it is unlikely that Desdarii is needed. I've got her hanging out in the Fjord now as I enjoyed that zone more than the Tundra. Druids are quite fun classes and I'm enjoying playing her again even if she looks a little different with her new haircut.

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