Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome to Mordor?

When Keste and I first entered Icecrown my comment was, "This place is very Mordor." It certainly has that feel with all the very large black gates and wasteland terrain.

This feeling was driven home when we were asked to seek out and destroy the Ocular, a large evil eyeball perched atop of a tower.

My feelings on this is mixed. I'll be first to admit I'm a HUGE Lord of the Rings nerd. I love those books so very very much.

Part of me was excited seeing the Sauron look-a-like in Azeroth. After finishing the quest though I think I was less than enamored because all it took to kill the eye was a couple hits from a zapper thing. In it's defense it had a pretty powerful stare of it's own that packed a punch.

I think I've decided that I am happy that Icecrown pays this little tribute to a wonderful series of books. I could always gather my gnome friends and pretend they're hobbits!

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Dumadin said...

I have not gotten there yet but I will. Saying tat I think it fitting that they pay homage to a big part of the reason Fantasy RP is as big as it is. So when i get there i shall destroy the eye and be glad and a bit saddened as well, the eye of the Evil Lord was never so easily dealt with.